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Sonarworks in Education

SoundID Reference is being used as a teaching tool.

Educators already using Sonarworks

Find out more about how educators are using Sonarworks in the classroom

Students in our program love using Sonarworks because it improves the performance of their speakers and headphones in the classroom and in their untreated dorm rooms.

— Gabe Herman
Assistant Professor of Music Industry at University of Hartford

Sonarworks provides consistency between various playback situations. This is especially important at the early stages of an audio engineer’s career.

— Magdalena Piotrowska
Educator & Coordinator at Learn How To Sound

Once you start mixing with Sonarworks, you don’t want to mix without it.

— Craig Anderton
Author and Educator at

Sonarworks is a simple to use and affordable tool for students who are mixing audio in less than ideal monitoring environments.

— Cesar Lamschtein
Educator at Udelar


Sonarworks Supports the Ableton Certification Program

We are proud to announce that we are supporting Ableton Certified Trainers by equipping them with SoundID Reference. Find out about certified trainers in your area:

Sonarworks is invaluable to students

SoundID Reference ensures that whatever environment students are mixing in, they all use a common flat frequency response.


At Drexel University, we have great studios that I can work in, but each of them is different, and that makes moving projects between them a bit challenging. Also, my headphones are somewhat colored, which makes it harder for me to work from home. Sonarworks makes all of these environments sound the same, and now I can move between locations with ease. I can even mix on the train.

by Craig Van ReMoortel, Drexel University

Learning Tool

Sonarworks lets me visualize the frequency response of each room I work in. It really gives me a good feel of how the speaker placement affects my home studio. I’ve got a much better sense of how the room is affecting the timbre of the instruments I am mixing. I love this software.

by Fernanda Herrara Lendechy, SAE Mexico City

Improved Mixing Results

When I started working on the Sonarworks monitoring target, it was much easier than I initially thought. The drums, for example, sounded much more spot-on in my latest assignment, which my professor also appreciated and complimented. I’m a lot more confident that my mixes will translate. Very happy.

by Kaela Dunlap, Shenandoah Conservatory


I like working on music with my talented friend from high school. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, we can still find some consistency in our mixes because we both use the same flat frequency curve. This tool rocks!

by Chris Mallamaci, Emerson College

Pricing for Students and Teachers

Educators and students are entitled to a discount. Follow to the next page to learn more.