CES innovation award 2021/2022

Cloud-based technology delivering personalized audio experience across any device

Increase attractiveness to your products by providing tailored solution for every customer
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Easy to integrate

SoundID SDK has been designed with ease of integration in mind and to deliver a seamless user experience across the iOS and Android platforms.

Simple tests to get your sound profile

Seamless user experience and machine learning algorithms deliver personalized sound effortlessly.

Access to big data

The first user-centric approach to data-driven sound. Get valuable insights to increase your product value.

Original studio sound

The only sound processing technology that's based on the original sound that artists heard in the studio.

Used by 65+ Grammy-Awarded engineers working with top artists

Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Madonna, Rihanna, The Killers, Adele, Coldplay and more are being recorded with our tech

Patented audio technology

Based on the largest research ever conducted on consumer sound preference. Over 150,000 participants, 2,400,000 sound comparisons.

Seamless integration across your product ecosystem

SoundID delivers personalized audio experience across devices to maximize listening experience for each individual every time
Platforms and technology providers

Based on leading technology in recording studios worldwide

Used to record your favorite music, movies, or games in over 200,000+ sound recording studios globally. More than 12 prestigious industry awards.
Woman at her home studio, with headphones on

Provide a differentiating sound experience for every customer

Example how different devices sound when playing audio signal before and after personalization

After optimization


Personalization done right
3 level sound optimization

SoundID SR sets a totally neutral baseline sound, same for all of the devices to establish a foundation of personalisation.

First we need to make sure to remove all sound coloration from the sound of your device, so that we have a solid baseline that we can work with. Professional recording studios worldwide rely on the same type of sound. This is done by measuring the actual sound performance of every device.

Get user’s preferred sound through a simple A/B test in minutes.

Second - create your SoundID profile to match your personal taste and make fine-tuned adjustments for your hearing with a quick in-app test.

Hearing test to balance out physical hearing differences

Finally the hearing test. Everyone's hearing is different, and it keeps changing. As you get older, you become less sensitive to high-pitched sounds, speech loses some clarity. Maybe urban living and noise pollution has resulted in non-symetrical hearing—SoundID optimizes for this.

Advanced Parametric EQ

On the top of the main three features, for ultimate control, you can customize your settings with our Advanced Parametric EQ. With a very rich, yet intuitive Parametric EQ feature set unseen before on mobile devices, you get ultimate control over the sound you really want.

How the integration of SoundID works?

Personalized sound is a differentiator. Three-level sound optimization maximizes listening experience to unprecedented quality.
Integration visual map

Our current integrations

Drop+THX Panda Headphone
Bluetooth wireless technology: 5.0; Effective range: Line of sight; approximately 10 m (30 ft); battery life: 30+ hours
Gateway 8'' Tablet
Quad Core, 32GB Storage, 2GB Memory, 0.3MP Front Camera, 2MP Rear Camera, USB-C, SoundID, Android 10 Go Edition, Black
Monoprice Earbuds
Monolith by Monoprice M-TWE True Wireless Earbuds with SoundID & EQ, Qualcomm aptX Audio, Qualcomm cVc 8.0
1MORE ColorBuds 2
Personalized Sound from SoundID, Qualcomm Chipset, 24 Hours Battery Playtime, 7mm Dynamic Driver, Adjustable ANC Modes, Wireless Charging
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