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Unique and patented technology approved by the PRO audio community

All headphones and speakers sound different and suboptimal. With our patented technology, we measure the acoustic properties of playback devices and correct them.


pro studios use our technology


endrosments from Grammy award winning engineers

Personalization that's based on precise hearing correction and sound preference

The future of sound consumption is here—and A.I. is helping. Sonarworks’ tech can deliver your sound preference to any set of headphones, home speakers and even your car—so you can have the ultimate sound experience throughout your sound ecosystem.

70% of listeners¹ prefer Sonarworks sound over original sound of their device.

¹14,000 people were blind tested with Sonarworks’ and 70% preferred sound with Sonarworks’ audio correcting technology.

Our technology

works across multiple platforms & technology providers

Content providers

music_note Music movie Movies sports_tennis Sports videogame_asset Gaming sports_esports e-Sports mic Live airplanemode_active In-Flight

Device manufacturers

phone_iphone Mobile computer PC/Tablet headset Headphones VR/AR directions_car Automotive tv TV sports_esports Game consoles speaker Speakers

Individually perfected
sound your customers
can experience too

Partnership benefits:

Bring audible improvement and push users audio experience to the ultimate level
Gain further audio industry backing and deliver artist-endorsed campaigns
Differentiate against competition by delivering superior audio quality
Introduce new product functionality - hearing loss compensation, loudness compensation and personalization

Sonarworks Studio Reference technology is a
Recording Studio Sound Standard

Sonarworks is about bringing more power to the artists and their fans.

Technology approved by Music Lovers

Watch people reacting to Sonarworks experience for the first time.

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Partner & VP Products

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US: +1 (415) 966 8702

From now on sound will always be a personal matter!

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