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New SoundID Reference
Virtual Monitoring

Take your headphone mixing to the next level. This add-on delivers the most accurate spatial simulation of stereo studio monitors on your headphones.

Fully functional 21-day free trial.

industry awards

MusicTech awards SOS Award Winner MusicTech CHoice Award NAMM Tech Nominee Twice Picks Award Winner IF Design Award 2023 NAMM Tec SOS Awards 2019

Produce superior mixes on your headphones that translate everywhere

Realistic simulations of high quality near, mid and far field speakers calibrated to the reliable flat reference sound

Check your mix on realistic simulations

Spatial simulations of consumer devices like - cars, laptops, TVs, and a smartphone.

Delivers reliable Studio Reference sound with high accuracy


Core tech trusted by hundreds of thousands producers and mix engineers globally

Get high-end studio monitoring in your headphones and no more "inside your head" sound feel when monitoring.

This DEMO video demonstrates how it simulates the immersive experience of listening on studio speakers, in cars, or in living rooms, all within your headphones

Works everywhere you need it to

Achieve better mixing results that consistently translate across various environments, enhancing the headphone mixing experience for both amateurs and professionals.

Authentic studio monitor simulation

Hear realistic simulations of high quality near, mid and far field speakers calibrated to the reliable flat reference sound.

Monitor your mix reliably on virtually simulated speakers inside your headphones. Works with over 500 supported headphones from our best-in-class database.

Supported headphones

Translation Check device simulation

With Virtual Monitoring, Translation Check includes 10 revamped spatial simulations of various consumer devices - cars, laptops, phones and TVs.

Works in plugin and systemwide

It allows you to apply it to all content played on your machine. The virtual studio captures the essence of a treated control room, using a stylized aesthetic that's both engaging and easy to interpret. Vibrant, dynamic visuals for device-specific audio simulations.

How it works?

SoundID Reference icon

Step 1

Open SoundID Reference

To enable the Virtual Monitoring Add-on, in addition to its license, a user must have an active license for the base software.

White Headphones

Step 2

Choose headphones

Virtual Monitoring works exclusively for headphone profiles and cannot be activated with speaker profiles.

Virtual Monitoring Enabled Disabled

Step 3

Enable Add-on

Navigate to a preset with a headphone calibration profile, open the drawer at the bottom of the window, and activate the Virtual Monitoring Add-on.

Near field, Mid field, Far field

Step 4

Switch simulations

Get high-end studio monitoring in your headphones. Try translation check feature for consumer devices simulation.

Sonarworks tech used and loved by Grammy-Awarded Engineers worldwide

Rik Simpson


Total game changer!

anonymous, reviews.io

Marc Urselli Dana Nielsen Jeff Ellis Maria Elisa Ayerbe Matt Wallace Josh Newel Ariel Borujow Justin Grey
Steve Genewick

"You guys came down to Capitol and we tuned one of our rooms and ran the software. All of us were really impressed."

— Steve Genewick

3 Time Grammy Nominated Recording & Mixing Engineer worked with numerous A-list stars (like Bob Dylan, Elton John, Willie Nelson, Sting, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Queen, and more

Rafa Sardina

"A much needed new standard on headphone calibration and compatibility"

— Rafa Sardina

18-Time Grammy® & Latin Grammy® Winner Producer/Mixer/Engineer. Celine Dion, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dr. Dre, David Foster, Alejandro Sanz, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and many more

Maria Elisa Ayerbe

"Speaker calibration made easy for anyone"

— Maria Elisa Ayerbe

Grammy Award-Winning Audio engineer and producer. Mary J Blige, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, JLo, and CEO of South Mountain Music

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SoundID Reference Virtual Monitoring Add-on
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Products and Pricing


SoundID Reference for Headphones

SoundID Reference for Speakers & Headphones
+ Virtual Monitoring Add-on

$ 218

SoundID Reference for Headphones

SoundID Reference for Speakers & Headphones with Measurement Microphone
+ Virtual Monitoring Add-on

$ 287

SoundID Reference for Speakers & Headphones

SoundID Reference for Multichannel
+ Virtual Monitoring Add-on

$ 298


“I've encountered a problem when sharing a project between a studio with mid-field speakers and another colleague who primarily uses headphones for audio processing. The issue was addressed using Virtual Monitoring and Headphone profile correction. This solution emphasised notes and frequencies that were subdued on headphones, making them more prominent as if played through mid-field speakers.”

‒ Review from Beta Testing


“Near fields for me sounded the best and most natural and balanced. I mix radio commercials using headphones, and thanks to Virtual Monitoring and Translation Check, I can be confident that they’ll sound great when played in cars.”

‒ Review from Beta Testing


“I noticed a significant improvement in perception, especially when using the Far field. Depending on the headphones, the improvement between the Mid and Near field was varying, but with some headphones, the enhancement was particularly pronounced.”

‒ Review from Beta Testing


“Bridging the gap between studio speakers and headphones with virtual monitoring and profile correction. Everyone should try it!”

‒ Review from Beta Testing

Upgrade from older version

Reference 4 Headphone Edition
or Reference 3 Headphone plug-in

SoundID Reference for Headphones
+ Virtual Monitoring Add-on

$ 88

Reference 4 Studio Edition
or Reference 3 Speaker plug-in

SoundID Reference for Speakers & Headphones
+ Virtual Monitoring Add-on

$ 138

Reference 4 Studio Edition
or Reference 3 Speaker plug-in

SoundID Reference for Multichannel
+ Virtual Monitoring Add-on

$ 348

Frequently asked questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, a fully functional 21-day free trial is available here. No credit card required, no hidden conditions. Experience full confidence in sound today!

Some competing products deliver simulated sound of famous studios as mixing targets. Do you plan to add famous studio targets to SoundID Reference Virtual Monitoring Add-on?

In experience of over 160k of professional users of Sonarworks Reference across the globe, the most efficient and productive way to mix a track is by monitoring it over a reliably flat reference sound. SoundID Reference products aim to deliver such sound over headphones and speakers, thus it is also our objective for the Virtual Monitoring Add-on.

How I can trial the Virtual Monitoring Add-on if I used my trial before?

A free trial of the Virtual Monitoring feature is available for new and existing users of SoundID Reference. For more details on how to activate the Virtual Monitoring trial, see our "Virtual Monitoring Add-on for SoundID Reference activation" support article.

Can I use the Virtual Monitoring Add-on with speaker profiles?

No, the Virtual Monitoring add-on works only with headphone profiles.

Is the Virtual Monitoring Add-on available in the SoundID Reference plugin and standalone app?

Yes, the Virtual Monitoring feature can be enabled in the SoundID Reference DAW plugin as well as the standalone app for systemwide calibration.

Can I use the Target Modes with Virtual Monitoring enabled?

Yes, you can use all of the Target Modes available in SoundID Reference with Virtual Monitoring. The Translation Check target mode provides 10 spatial simulations for mixing with Virtual Monitoring enabled.

Do I need a SoundID Reference license in order to use the Virtual Monitoring Add-on?

Yes, a SoundID Reference license is required in order to also use the Virtual Monitoring Add-on. See our pricing page for SoundID Reference license options.

What's included?

→ Activation key for the product license: the Add-on can be activated and used on all machines (up to 3) where your main SoundID Reference license is activated.

What are the requirements?

→ Valid permanent SoundID Reference license
→ Windows 10; 11, macOS 10.14; 10.15; 11 Big Sur; 12 Monterey or 13 Ventura
→ Stable internet connection (offline use not supported)
→ Sonarworks supported or Sonarworks individually calibrated headphones

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Free Trial

Try Out SoundID Reference 21-day free

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→ No credit card required, no hidden conditions.
→ A quick and guided setup.
→ Try out on any of supported headphones and speakers for up to 9.1.6. setups.