Experience personalized sound on Android devices

Forget complicated equalizers! Hear music how you want it to sound, with ease
Phone and headphones
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Maximize your listening experience

You decide what perfect sound is

Complete a simple in-app test and fine-tune sound to your liking

Works on your setup

Apply your SoundID to supported apps or use SoundID enabled devices

Patented data-driven tech

Based on the industries largest research conducted on consumer sound preference. We asked thousands of people and 8/10 prefer SoundID over pre-personalized headphone sound.

Personalization done right

The only personalized sound technology that's based on sound that artists heard in the studio.
Four unique soundid profiles

Setting up your SoundID

How it works

Your sound profile is as unique as your fingerprint. Create it within minutes by following these simple steps below.
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Step 1
Download the app
Download the SoundID app from Google Play
Step 2
Take the tests
Create your SoundID profile by completing quick sound preference and hearing tests.
Step 3
Use a supported app
Works with the most popular music apps.
Step 4
Listen to music
Return to the SoundID app to experience the difference between having SoundID On or Off.

Supported music apps

You can use your SoundID profile on SoundID enabled devices or try out the difference on your own headphones.
Spotify Apple Music Youtube Music Deezer

...and more

Sonarworks headphones

Unparalleled sound personalization features for everyone.

Optimized for your hearing and sound preferences

Everyone's hearing is different, and it keeps changing. As you get older, you become less sensitive to high-pitched sounds, speech loses some clarity. Maybe urban living and noise pollution has resulted in non-symetrical hearing—SoundID optimizes for this.

Support for most popular music apps

SoundID for Android supports most popular music apps and support for more is being developed.
Supported apps

Advanced Parametric EQ

With a very rich, yet intuitive Parametric EQ feature set unseen before on mobile devices, you get ultimate control over the sound you really want. Prepare yourself to hear the unexpected.

Frequently asked questions

If you're new to SoundID and SoundID Listen you have come to the right place! This quick guide is targeted to help jump-start your experience with SoundID. Let's get started! link

If you're wondering what apps are officially supported by SoundID look no further as this article should provide you with all the necessary information. link