Save up to 50% on Sonarworks Products

If you’re studying at or employed by an educational institution, you can save up to 50% on Sonarworks Reference 4 software!

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Reference 4 Headphone Edition - Education

Headphone Edition

Retail price $99

Reference 4 Headphone Edition and Monoprice Hi-Fi DJ Headphone Bundle Education

Monoprice Bundle

Retail price $119

Reference 4 Studio Edition - Education

Studio Edition

Retail price $249

Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic - Education

Studio Edition with Mic

Retail price $299

You are eligible for an educational discount if you are:

a student currently enrolled in full-time educational studies, up to advanced degree programs and older than 13 years.

a student in a part-time program that consists of 20 hours or more study time per week, or one that runs for 12 months or more.

a teacher who is currently employed full or part-time at a school or university in any field.

How it works

1. Verify

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2. Get code

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3. Buy the product

Once accepted, you will receive a notice in your email address. Use the product URL and discount coupon mentioned there to purchase your product. You must use the same email address for making the order.

Offering for universities and educational institutions

Educational institutions may access licenses at better pricing if purchased in bulk. We also offer free extended trials.

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