Sonarworks in Education  /  Bill Crabtree

Bill Crabtree

Assistant Professor, Coordinator Production & Technology at Middle Tennessee State University

One of the biggest challenges I see with students is in them gaining a clear understanding of what a recording should sound like versus how their playback system is changing their impressions. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is really there! Just a few years ago, students would do the vast majority of their work in a controlled studio environment. Today, with most students having their own workstation at home, they do a lot of mixing and editing work in an environment that we (faculty) have no control over. Sonarworks allows us to create some consistency between our on-campus studios and the student’s home systems. Every system is different, but Sonarworks Reference 4 does allow students to trust their home systems to a much greater degree. 

Sonarworks is also a good teaching tool for demonstrating the issues related to system optimization. With the Reference 4 software, I can take students through the measurement process while discussing the variables involved. Students can easily compare what the software is doing to what it would be like without it; which is often a real eye-opener for them. We can set up systems in a variety of environments and shoot multiple profiles pretty quickly to see the impact of different speakers and different positions in different spaces. It definitely raises student’s awareness of system optimization and the importance of an accurate playback environment.