Sonarworks in Education  /  Kang Ho-Jung

Kang Ho-Jung

Professor at the Department of Practical Music at Seokyeong University

Reference 4 is a very important part of my education. Now that we have reached an era where not only sound majors but also musicians have to pay attention to the texture of tone and sound, we have to be careful about monitoring to create a benchmark for good tones. However, the importance of Reference 4, which corrects speakers and headphones and corrects the status, is beyond description, as most musicians do not have a reliable monitor environment and even small recording studios. In fact, it was found that the arrangement or mix of disciples using a number of references developed rapidly. In addition, Reference 4 is a good solution for teaching in an era when there are many non-face-to-face lectures if you listen to objective sounds as close to the sound of a professor. I'm recommending Reference 4 to all my students.