Sonarworks in Education  /  Camiel Daamen

Camiel Daamen

Producer, Teacher at Lessons in Live

The first time I heard about Sonarworks was around 2018. I downloaded a trial and actually forgot about it. About two months later I went through some tracks I made over that period of time and two tracks really sounded a lot better than the others.
I went back into the projects and realized there was a Sonarworks plugin on the master to correct my Beyerdynamic headphones. 
It made me realize how good this software is and how accessible a good listening environment is with Sonarworks. I advised lots of my befriended DJ’s and producers to use it and we use it in all our studios now.
I mention Sonarworks in all my classes since we can really help beginning musicians to make proper mixes on their headphones or in their home studio's using this software.