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Blake La Grange

Founder at

At we help audio engineers, producers, and artists achieve commercial quality sound by teaching them how to master music like a pro. We also teach the ins and outs of how to actually charge for these services so that you can make a living doing what you love! 

In order to achieve all of this, we stress two objectives that are prerequisites for becoming a professional mastering engineer:

1) Become an objective listener
2) Work in an objective environment  

We teach everything about becoming an objective listener, that is, having the right ears and mindset to get Grammy-winning quality in your masters.

The first step to getting there is not training, not plug-ins, not tools, not tutorials, not experience, but an objective environment. 

Mastering is the last 10% of the process, therefore you need to have a careful finesse and critical ear to perfect this art. In order for anyone to make objective decisions, they need a completely flat listening environment.

That is why we give all of our students Sonarworks so that they can fully rely on their room and give them the tools to trust their gut and their ears.

Confidence is key in this industry, and what better way to add confidence in the production process than to quite literally give someone an objective listening environment so they never need to guess their decision making in the mix and master stage.

I require 100% of my mastering students to use Sonarworks, and if you are serious about your work, I recommend you do the same.