Sonarworks in Education  /  Sam Beckley

Sam Beckley

Audio Engineer/Educator at Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences

At the Conservatory, students have access to a wide range of rooms and monitors to practice mixing. All of our main rooms have Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition installed. Still, most are mixing on their laptops and headphones when not on campus. As well, references between CRAS studios and their laptop mixes translate better by the Sonarworks correction of their headphones' frequency response.  
During mix clinics, we stress the importance of headphones for checking across platforms. Because of Sonarworks, I can confidently say that if they have to mix entirely on headphones, they can! In fact, If students do not have access to a decently treated room or do not have time to learn the room, I feel Sonarworks is a valid reference.  
Personally, I have been relying on Sonarworks to confidently finish the first draft of my clients' mixes on headphones. I then check that mix on a few different speaker systems. Though I must confess, when working under time constraints and not having time to reference on speakers, I have submitted mixes directly after working 100% with Sonarworks Headphone Edition, passing client scrutiny. Something I would never have attempted before Sonarworks.