Sonarworks in Education  /  Brandon Vaccaro

Brandon Vaccaro

Assistant Teaching Professor of Music at University of Massachusetts Lowell

At the University of Massachusetts/Lowell, we are incredibly lucky to have well-designed rooms with top-quality monitoring available to our students for their class projects, but we also encourage them to be active in projects beyond their school work. That inevitably means that students do work outside of our facilities and on more modest equipment. Reference 4 gives them a fighting chance at achieving a translatable mix on their entry- and mid-level monitors in a less than ideal acoustic environment like a dorm room. It also allows them to overcome some of the deficiencies with the types of headphones they typically use at a point when higher-end headphones are not an option. The setup process is straight-forward enough that even a new student in the program can go through it with little difficulty, yet the results are powerful enough to serve even advanced or graduate students.