We have combined the must-read articles in comprehensive eBooks to help you be smart about setting up a recording studio, nail mix translation and other nifty techniques to create better sounding mixes everywhere.

Best PRO Studio Headphones: Top 30 for 2024

This will help you find the best headphones for your task and budget in a simple, straightforward manner.

Immersive Audio

This ebook will demystify the technical and creative aspects of producing and listening to immersive music.

Creation and Translation

Hear what your audience hears and produce masters that translate

Mix Your Low End Like a Pro

The articles in this book cover the skills needed for creating accurate bass that transfers well to a wide range of listening situations, from headphones to car stereos to concert P.A. systems.

Headphones Buying Guide 2021

In this guide you will find our top recommendations for PRO studio headphones to chose for tracking, production, mixing, and mastering on the go. Now nothing will stop you from making Grammy-worthy tunes!

Everything Equalizers Part 2

This eBooks covers how to put equalizers to best use. Learn how to produce a solid low-frequency foundation for mixes and how to create powerful and natural drum sounds.

Everything Equalizers Part 1

This eBook covers the fundamentals of equalizers, the nuts and bolts of their functions, types of EQs and their applications and EQs in action.

Crafting Your Drum Sound


This eBook covers the production aspects of drum track production from sampling beats to adding ambience to live drum tracks. Practical tips and cheat sheets included!

Get the Most from Mixing on Headphones

Tools, tactics and techniques to create great mixes on headphones

Improve Your Listening Experience

Tips and Tricks around investing in yourself and your listening experience

Digital Audio Demystified

Learn how to record the highest quality digital audio in your DAW, so your music can sound its absolute best

Mixing With Confidence

Master compression, reverb and de-harshing your mixes to make sure they translate across systems.

Successful Studio Setup

A practical guide to create a great sounding home studio.

Delivering Great Mixes

Creating the right mindset to deliver Pro mixes with the right tools and techniques.

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