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Reference books share everything we’ve learned about building a great business across customer support, sales, and marketing. No fluff or sales pitches. Just quality information and insights.
Delivering Great Mixes

Like a chef, you have to know what great food tastes like before you can cook your own meal.

Pro Headphone Buyers Guide 2020

We at Sonarworks have measured more than 800 different headphone models and have compiled our favorites in this guide.

Everything Equalizers

Learn about the different types of equalizers and master the most valuable tool in the audio engineer’s arsenal

Sonarworks Successful Studio Setup eBook

Full guide for a successful studio setup

Mixing With Confidence

Master the Sonarworks settings, to bring your monitors closer to sounding like the ones owned by the pros

Digital Audio Demystified

Learn how to record the highest quality digital audio in your DAW, so your music can sound its absolute best

Improve Your Listening experience

Tips and Tricks around investing in yourself and your listening experience

Get the Most from Mixing on Headphones

An accurate summary of what's better - mixing on headphones or speakers

Producing Masters That Translate

Creation and Translation

Mix Your Low-End Like a Pro

Low frequencies provide the foundation, size, and create the power of a great mix.

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