Unlock the full potential of MERGING+ANUBIS with SoundID Reference

SoundID Reference is integrated directly in MERGING+ANUBIS interface for the lowest possible latency and highest convenience without using a plugin or an app.

Merging+anubis interface

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First hardware to enable SoundID Reference calibration

Industry leading sound calibration. Integrated.

No need to run plugins or additional software for correction. SoundID Reference exports calibration files to MERGING+ANUBIS for the lowest possible latency and highest convenience. For audio systems from stereo up to 9.1.6 channels. Please note: a separate Anubis license is required to run a SoundID Reference multichannel correction.
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Lowest possible latency for any source

No matter which source you are listening to – DAW, systemwide audio, live microphones or instruments - regardless of the audio source, you can be sure to hear the lowest possible latency. Achieved with Pyramix acclaimed EQ-X filter topology.

Control your calibration

Switch between different calibration profiles and calibration target curves - flat, custom curve or even simulated environments - all through the interface directly.

All your devices. Calibrated.

Easily apply SoundID Reference calibration to as many speaker sets and headphones as you want. MERGING+ANUBIS provides simultaneous calibration for headphones and speakers or two sets of headphones.

Smooth transition, no learning curve

Step 1
Export calibration
Export your calibration file from the latest version of SoundID Reference. You can even keep your existing calibration files.
Step 2
Import into interface
Import your SoundID Reference calibration file using ANUBIS remote Web Access page.
Step 3
Apply calibration
Apply SoundID calibration directly from the interface to any set of speakers or headphones.
Step 4
Control your calibration
Switch between different calibration profiles and listening modes straight from the interface.

Frequently asked questions

With Anubis firmware 1.4.6. and above, the latency is close to zero. 

For "Headphones" and "Cues" monitor bus types:

  • 0.34ms added latency at 44.1 kHz
  • 0.31ms added latency at 48 kHz
  • 0.17ms added latency at 88.2 kHz
  • 0.15ms added latency at 96 kHz
  • 0.09ms added latency at 176.4 kHz
  • 0.08ms added latency at 192 kHz
  • 0.04ms added latency at 352.8kHz
  • 0.03ms added latency at 384 kHz 

For "Speaker sets" monitor type:

An extra value of 1.4ms of delay is added to the above listed values in the case of speaker sets due to FPGA architectural reasons. Please visit Merging Technologies FAQ here for information on improving the delay. 

See how to import the profile into the Anubis interface using the instructions from Merging Technologies here.

No, the profile export functionality to MERGING+ANUBIS is not available with the SoundID Reference trial versions. If you are not sure and want to test first, you can always buy the full version and then return it for a full refund within 14 days if not satisfied. The 14-day Right of Withdrawal terms are available in the Terms and Conditions section, in our Legal resources page here.

SoundID Reference for Multichannel

Anubis now supports SoundID Reference Multichannel corrections all the way to Dolby Atmos 9.1.6. Please note: a separate license is required to run a SoundID Reference multichannel correction.

SoundID Reference


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