SoundID Reference to partner up with Jones-Scanlon monitors

Work close to zero latency and experience improved workflow with the ability to upload and store room calibration profiles directly into the monitors
Wayne Jones monitors

Take Control of Your Listening Environment With Our Partnership Key Features

Ultimate Reference Sound

SoundID Reference calibration software and Jones-Scanlon Monitors deliver ultimate sound on the best monitoring setup ever. World leading transient response, allowing hyper-accurate compression settings within the mix with accurate phase and time alignment and relentless frequency response at any listening level.

Easy measurement process

Create a calibration profile by using industry leading speaker measurement software in a simple and easy way
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No plugin or external apps

No plugins or external applications while listening. Calibrate your setup directly through your speakers to achieve a true reference sound from any audio source

How it works?

Step 1
Measure your room
Create a calibration profile of your speaker setup with SoundID Reference Measure
Step 2
Adjust and export
Adjust and export a calibration profile preset from SoundID Reference
Step 3
Upload to monitors
Connect your monitors to the computer via USB cable. Follow the instructions to upload the calibration preset directly to monitors
Step 4
Enjoy the sound
Enjoy ultimate reference sound on best monitoring setup ever with ground-breaking innovative technology

Yes, it is possible to retrofit your Jones-Scanlon Monitors with the DSP board that supports the Sonarworks integration. Please contact Wayne Jones AUDIO for more details:

0.98 ms added latency at 192 kHz 

No, multi-channel calibration is not supported yet, please stay tuned! 

Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors can be purchased at the sellers listed below. SoundID Reference for Speakers & Headphones with Measurement Microphone bundle is included with the purchase of any Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitor product at no extra cost.

Product pricing is listed on both websites, international shipping from Australia is done with DHL Express. Shipping costs can also be calculated in the shop.


The profile export functionality for Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors is available directly from the SoundID Reference app output panel, as shown in these instructions.

Yes, you can use SoundID Reference as a DAW plugin or as a standalone app.

Raising the standard for high quality sound and accuracy in music production and listening.