Sonarworks joins forces with Fluid Audio

Two pioneers join forces to fix mixing room challenges. Experience near zero latency and massively improved workflow with the ability to upload and store room calibration profiles directly into the Image series of studio monitors.

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SoundID Reference with Fluid Audio speaker

Take control of your listening environment with these key features

Ultimate Reference Sound

Fluid Audio's Image 2 studio reference monitors allows SoundID Reference export files to be directly loaded into each monitor's native DSP - right on the spot after calibration.

Now, room correction is active 100% of the time for referencing, mixing or playback, and any other audio for the ultimate flat response with accurate mix translation to other systems.

Easy measurement process

Create a calibration profile by using industry leading speaker measurement software in a simple and intuitive way.

No plugin or external apps

Simplify your workflow and ensure your studio monitors are always using a calibrated filter regardless of the audio source or type.

60-day extended trial for Image series customers

The trial is available to Image Series speakers customers. It offers the full functionality of SoundID Reference, including the ability to export calibration profiles to Fluid Audio DCT tool and loudspeakers’ DSP. Image 2 customers will be provided with the extended trial license via email from Fluid Audio.

How it works?

Fluid Audio Image 2 monitors

Step 1

Measure your room

Create a calibration profile of your speaker setup with SoundID Reference Measure

Fluid Audio Image 2 monitors

Step 2

Adjust and export

Adjust the room measurement profile to your preference and export the profile to Image series speakers

How to link
Fluid Audio Image 2 monitors

Step 3

Upload to monitors

Connect your monitors to the computer via USB cable. Follow the instructions to upload the calibration preset directly to monitors

Link to instructions
Fluid Audio Image 2 monitors

Step 4

Enjoy the sound

Enjoy ultimate reference sound. Your mixes will now translate to any playback device

Frequently asked questions

Which Fluid Audio monitors are compatible with the SoundID Reference integration?

Fluid Audio Image 2 monitors will be compatible with the SoundID Reference integration.

When will the integration become available with Fluid Audio Image series speakers?

Fluid Audio Image series speakers will be available on the market in mid-December of 2022 after which you can enjoy the integration with SoundID Reference.

Does the integration mean I don't have to run the SoundID Reference software on my computer?

Yes! SoundID Reference software will be required for setting up and exporting the calibration profile. Once you’ve imported the calibration profile into your Fluid Audio Image series speakers, you can close SoundID Reference completely and rely on the calibration taking place on the speakers.

How do I purchase SoundID Reference and Fluid Audio Image series speakers?

You can purchase SoundID Reference in the Sonarworks Store, and purchase Fluid Audio Image series speakers from Fluid Audio distributors. Please note that the Image series speakers will be available on the market starting mid-December 2022 only.

Claim your 60-day trial now

A fully functional 60 day trial for Fluid Audio Image series customers with an ability to export calibration profiles. No credit card required, no hidden conditions. A quick and guided setup.

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