SoundID Reference with Avid Pro Tools MTRX Studio

Simple Calibration Solution for Multichannel Systems

SoundID Reference integration with Pro Tools | MTRX™ family interfaces allows to calibrate your multichannel room in less than an hour

How to Guide

Take advantage of integration’s key features

Industry leading sound calibration. Integrated.

Skip the hassle of plugins or extra software for calibration. SoundID Reference automates the measurement process and then directly exports calibration files to Avid MTRX family interfaces with SPQ DSP, ensuring minimal latency and maximum ease-of-use. Supports multichannel setups from stereo to 9.1.6.

SoundID Reference Calibration File Export

Ultra low latency for any source

Process the room calibration directly in your interface. No need for SoundID Reference app or plugin, ensuring the lowest possible latency from any audio source - DAW, systemwide audio or live instruments.

Pro Tools MTRX 2

Multiple Profile Exports

Export multiple profiles like Dolby Atmos and switch between these profiles directly from DADman or from the interface, with no need to use SoundID Reference plugin.

SoundID Reference Calibration File Export Successful

Your speakers. Calibrated.

Utilize the full power of SPQ processing in your MTRX. Calibrate more than one speaker set and guarantee consistent sound quality across all your speakers.

SoundID Reference with Avid Pro Tools MTRX Studio

How it works?

SoundID Reference Measurement Microphone

Step 1

Measure your multichannel set up

Use the automated measurement mode for Avid/DAD interfaces with SPQ DSP

SoundID Reference icon

Step 2

Load the profile

Load the profile in SoundID Reference app. This will allow you to adjust the calibration target further

SoundID Reference Target Modes

Step 3

Adjust your target

Select Flat, Dolby Atmos, Custom Target, or Translation Check for export to your interface.

SoundID Reference Calibration File Export

Step 4

Export the calibration to your interface

Upload the calibration directly to your DADman profile within a minute. The calibration is now part of your AVID/DAD interface. You can disable SoundID Reference.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a SoundID Reference license to create an export profile?

Yes, a full SoundID Reference license is required for the export feature to work.

Can I use AVID MTRX with HDX or Dante virtual when measuring my speakers?

Yes, HDX or Dante virtual must be used with AVID MTRX. When measuring the speakers you might require an additional pre-amp for the measurement microphone.

I have previously measured my speaker setup, do I need to re-measure it again?

Yes, a new measurement process must be done to write the data into the DADman profile.

Can preview the DADman profile export process beforehand?

Yes, you’re welcome to see our support guide: Exporting a calibration profile for AVID MTRX family audio interface with SPQ processing.