Consistently Accurate Solution for immersive audio

Atmos just got easy! SoundID Reference is now integrated with the Audient ORIA - the world's first interface and monitor controller designed with immersive audio in mind.

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SoundID Reference with Avid Pro Tools MTRX Studio

Key features and advantages of this integration

Designed for immersive audio

ORIA is the world’s first interface and monitor controller designed specifically with immersive audio in mind. It allows to calibrate and control speaker arrays from stereo to 9.1.6 and is great for music, film, TV, games, and VR production.

SoundID Reference Calibration File Export

Easy to navigate, easy to control

ORIA gives you powerful new ways to truly take control of any stereo, surround or immersive environment courtesy of its beautifully simple software.

Pro Tools MTRX 2

Better performance with low latency

Calibration runs directly on the DSP, freeing up your computer's CPU for bigger and more demanding sessions

SoundID Reference Calibration File Export Successful

How it works?

SoundID Reference Measurement Microphone

Step 1

Measure your multichannel set up

Measure and calibrate your studio speakers using the microphone provided by following the steps in the set-up guide.

SoundID Reference icon

Step 2

Choose your target mode

Choose your calibration Profile and correct for the Dolby Atmos Music curve, flat frequency response or create custom profiles.

SoundID Reference Target Modes

Step 3

Export your Profile

Export up to 32 unique Profiles directly to ORIA’s internal memory, watch as your settings are automatically adjusted.

SoundID Reference Calibration File Export

Step 4

You’re Now Ready to Mix

Sit back and enjoy a consistent translation of your audio no matter what format you are working in.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a SoundID Reference license to create an export profile?

You can create an export profile using either the free 60-day trial for Audient customers or full SoundID Reference license.