SoundID Reference integration with ADAM Audio A Series speakers

ADAM Audio A Series monitors are now powered by built-in SoundID Reference delivering the most accurate calibration results

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Full Confidence In Sound With The Partnership's Key Benefits

Accurate and Transparent Sound

ADAM Audio A Series are designed to adapt to changing work spaces and requirements. Integration with SoundID Reference ensures an accurate sound translation no matter the environment.
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Guided set up

Create a calibration profile by using industry leading speaker measurement software in a simple and intuitive way

Quick profile export and upload

Store SoundID Reference calibration profiles directly on the DSP of A Series monitors using the A Control app developed by ADAM Audio

60-day extended trial for A Series customers

The trial license is available to A Series customers who register their speakers in the MyADAM area of It offers the full functionality of SoundID Reference, including the ability to export calibration profiles to A Control and loudspeakers’ DSP
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How it works?

Step 1
Measure your room
Create a calibration profile for your A Series monitors using SoundID Reference guided process
Step 2
Adjust and export
Adjust the room measurement profile to your preference and export the calibration file
Step 3
Import and upload
Import the calibration profile to A Control. The calibration file is pushed directly to the DSP of the monitors and stored there
Step 4
Enjoy the sound
The calibration is happening directly on the monitors, ensuring that you hear calibrated audio no matter the audio source

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Claim your 60-day trial now

A fully functional 60-day trial for A series customers with an ability to export calibration profiles. No credit card required, no hidden conditions. A quick and guided setup.

Frequently asked questions

SoundID Reference supports ADAM Audio A Series: A4V, A7V, A44H, A77H and A8H.

Yes, absolutely! You can measure your speakers with the SoundID Reference Measure and use the calibration profile with the SoundID Reference and the SoundID Reference plugin.

ADAM Audio A Series monitors will feature SoundID Reference integration, however, the ADAM Audio Subwoofer lineup is not compatible. For further information, we recommend reaching out directly to ADAM Audio.