The ultimate accuracy for mixing on headphones.

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The truth: Reference headphones don’t exist

Every headphone sounds different. Not only does the sound of headphones differ from model to model, but despite manufacturers best efforts, even the same model of headphones provide different sound. It is difficult and expensive to implement lower sample-to-sample variation since it results in more rejected products.

Frequency response dispersion of top 30 studio headphones (shown as area) with one selected unit (shown as curve)

In spite of the difficulty, it is possible to overcome sound deficiencies in headphones. By using state of the art calibration technology, SoundID Reference identifies the differences and calibrates every headphone to perform as close to reference as possible. Our technology can squeeze the last drop of performance out of your existing headphones. If preferred, you can buy a new pre-calibrated set. All calibrated headphones receive a unique correction profile that is tailor-made for that particular set.

Accuracy +/- 0.9 dB
Individual calibration service
  • Stereo calibration
  • Buy new precalibrated headphones from our store
  • Send in your existing headphones
Accuracy +/- 3 dB
Average calibration profile
  • Mono calibration
  • Available for popular headphone models
  • Bundled with SoundID Reference

Why individual calibration matters

Ultimate accuracy

+/-0.9dB or even better accuracy across all audio frequency range

Mix With Confidence

Make better decisions and spend less time fixing mistakes.

Correct stereo balance

Stereo positioning errors are hard to detect if your L/R drivers sound different. Individual calibration solves the issue, making it easier to pan instruments correctly.

Collaboration without tonal differences

Regardless of the distance or the headphones you use, we can make sure you get the same sound between multiple sets of headphones.

Calibration service

Calibration service for your existing headphones

Step 1
Send in your headphones
Send your headphones to our headquarters.
Step 2
Individual measurement
Your headset goes through individual measurement and custom calibration in our lab.
Step 3
Receive your headphones
Your headphones and a custom calibration profile are sent back to you.
Step 4
Enjoy your ultimate sound
Use your calibration with SoundID Reference plugin or systemwide app.

Pre-calibrated headphones

Buy individually calibrated headphones

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

With our available average profiles in SoundID Reference software, we are able to cover a vast amount of headphone models for a dramatic improvement in terms of a flat response. It's as simple as installing Reference and loading a profile from our 300+ (and growing) supported model database. However, each pair of headphones sounds different - even the same model will vary in frequency response pair to pair. Manufacturers build inconsistencies introduce anomalies across individual units of the same model. For that reason, average profiles have their performance limits. The average profiles in Reference are summaries of several different units of each model measured, tested and averaged. For the ultimate accuracy, Sonarworks individual calibration is the way to go! It is the only service of its kind on the market as the calibration is tailored specifically for your pair of headphones. It comes in two different forms: individual calibration service and individually pre-calibrated headphones. Find out more →

In Sonarworks blog you will find reviews about top studio headphones in the market. Our experts will reveal everything from build quality, sound, comfort up to how headphones perform when calibrated with SoundID Reference software. Read our headphone reviews.

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