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About Headphone Calibration

Why is Headphone Calibration Important?

SoundID Reference sets the frequency response target to be completely flat across all audible frequencies. The headphone frequency response target is designed to emulate neutral-sounding speakers. With calibrated headphones you can seamlessly switch between speakers, headphones, projects, and mix with full confidence in sound.

How different headphones sound when playing audio signal before and after optimization

Before optimization

Headphone Calibration Demo

Experience the difference on your headphones

How it Works

How to integrate SoundID Reference in your workflow.

Apply correction using the plugin in your favorite DAW or use the Systemwide app to correct sound from any source on your computer.
DAW Plugin
Compatible with any host application supporting VST, AU, or AAX plugins.
  • Live tracking
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Using MIDI mapping
  • For zero latency
Systemwide App
Calibrates all system’s audio sources. App for Mac and Windows.
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Playback


Used and loved by over 100,000 studios worldwide

Individual calibration

Extra level of precision with individually calibrated headphones

Individual calibration ensures +/-0.9dB accuracy across all audio frequency spectrum and accounts for left and right channel differences between drivers

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SoundID Reference now available on Merging Technologies Anubis

SoundID Reference correction software is integrated directly in Anubis interface for the lowest possible latency and highest convenience without using a plugin or app.
Merging Technologies Anubis

Frequently asked questions

SoundID Reference for Headphones FAQ

Yes, you can try out fully functional software 21-day free. No credit card required, no hidden conditions. Experience full confidence in sound today!So let your ears get used to the corrected sound of your system by listening to music that hasn't been produced by you.

Each pair of headphones sounds different - even the same model will vary in frequency response pair to pair. Manufacturers build inconsistencies introduce anomalies across individual units of the same model. For that reason, average profiles have their performance limits. For the ultimate accuracy, individual calibration is the way to go! It is the only service of its kind on the market as the calibration is tailored specifically for your pair of headphones. It comes in two different forms: individual calibration service and individually pre-calibrated headphones. Both options are available in our store.

SoundID Reference is the recent successor of Reference 4 software. Our latest software version delivers the same consistently accurate reference sound so you can trust every mixing decision. But with the new update, we have added new features like translations check and powerful custom target curve adjustments and made significant improvements to even further improve your workflow. Find out more in this article.