Full confidence in sound

Reference 4 removes unwanted coloration from studio speakers and headphones.

Remove unwanted coloration from studio speakers and headphones.

Focus on the music instead of worrying about your setup
and make the right impact on every listener out there.

“If you are looking for a very inexpensive way to improve your monitoring capabilities in your studio – look no further.”
“Truly accurate monitoring allowing you to be fully confident in your mixes; an absolute must have for the studio.”
“I can now carve out offensive frequencies plus add the perfect amount of weight and clarity to my mix.”
“A much needed new standard on headphone calibration and compatibility.”

“I like to work in-the-box on my laptop and this tool gives me more confidence and accuracy.”

“What an awesome tool for managing my playback options for monitoring! I'm loving this..”

“Bill Gould and I mixed “Sol Invictus” with Sonarworks and are thrilled with the results.”

“With the Sonarworks headphone correction system I can take my sessions on the road, and pick up right where I left off in the studio.”
“Sonarworks makes our mixes translate perfectly to major theaters, Blu-Ray and HDTV.”

Reference 4 consists of three modules:

DAW plugin

Reference sound combined with true zero latency processing

Calibration profiles, predefined simulations and filter modes for every usecase

AU, AAX Native, RTAS and VST formats

Systemwide app

Works at OS level and calibrates all outgoing audio

Includes all DAW plugin features

Windows and Mac

Room measurement software

A user-friendly and streamlined process to measure the room acoustics

Software automatically locates the microphone in your room

Windows and Mac

Our customers love Reference.

Musicians. Producers. Audio Engineers.

Rated 4.56 out of 5 from 256 user reviews.
“Easy setup. Totally stable. Now I can trust my headphone mixes. I love the simulations as well for getting a feel for my mix on other systems.”
Aaron Russell
“I've poured lots of money and time into my love of music in the last 15 years. If I lost everything and had to start again getting Sonarworks Reference and a pair of calibrated headphones would be one of the first three things I’d do.”
Alex Taylor
“As someone working in a small, untreated, cube-shaped room with budget monitors, the Reference 3 plugin gives me an invaluable flat-response monitoring solution that I can always trust. 10/10!”
Cameron Muir

Three ways to a sound you can trust

Reference 4
Headphone Edition

Best suited for sound creation on headphones

$ 99 Buy now
DAW plugin for headphones
Systemwide app for headphones

Reference 4
Studio Edition

Full package to work on headphones and speakers in your studio
$ 249 Buy now
DAW plugin for headphones and speakers
Systemwide app for headphones and speakers
Measurement software for speakers

Reference 4
Premium Bundle

Reference 4 Studio Edition and amazing pre-calibrated Sennheiser HD650 headphones
$ 699 Buy now
DAW plugin for headphones and speakers
Systemwide app for headphones and speakers
Measurement software for speakers
Pre-calibrated Sennheiser HD650

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Measurement mic is required for Studio Edition.
Supported headphones are required for Headphone Edition.

Try it out. Hearing is Believing.

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headphone model specific

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