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SoundID Reference support

SoundID Reference

Studio audio - setup guides, FAQ, support for Reference legacy verions, and more.

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SoundID VoiceAI support

SoundID VoiceAI

Creator tools - setup guides, FAQ, troubleshooting, and more.

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Personal audio - music playback, FAQ, supported devices, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SoundID Reference?

SoundID Reference is desktop audio software for music creators. It calibrates your speakers and headphones to a flat studio reference soundto achieve the best mix translation outside of your monitoring space.

Headphone calibration is readily available with 500+ supported models (simply load the profile for your headphone model). Speakers are calibrated with a measurement microphone to create a profile. The software consists of three modules:

  →  DAW plugin: zero-latency production work
  →  Standalone app: system-wide playback calibration
  →  Measure app: speaker measurements for calibration

SoundID Reference is the latest version of the Reference product line, the successor to Reference 4 software. It elevates your critical audio work quality with new features such as Virtual Monitoring, Translation Check, Multichannel calibration, and more.

What is SoundID VoiceAI?

SoundID VoiceAI is a voice and instrument transformation plugin for music creators. Based on Sonarworks AI technology, it allows you to capture audio, and transform the recorded singing voice to that of another human being or an instrument.

  →  Voice model library: transform your vocal track into a realistic singing voice from a studio-            grade AI library of 23 voice models
  →  Instrument model library: transform your melodic humming or beatbox to sound like drums,         guitar violin, or other instruments from a studio-grade AI library of 21 instrument models

SoundID VoiceAI is a DAW plugin only (AU, AAX, and VST3). The processing takes place in the cloud and is based on a pay-as-you-go payment model: buy token packs and spend tokens for the amount of minutes processed.

What is SoundID?

SoundID is a mobile app for sound personalization. Tailored to your preferences and hearing, SoundID adds EQ adjustments to music playback based on 3 components:

  →  Preference test
  →  Hearing test
  →  Headphone model (based on Sonarworks headphone calibration technology)

SoundID is available for system-wide playback on Android, and on enabled devices via SoundID integrations (directly into DSP-enabled headphones and other products).