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Connect your personalized sound profile to SoundID enabled devices

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Setting up your SoundID

Step 1
Download the app
Download the SoundID app from the App Store or Google Play
Step 2
Do the sound test
Create your SoundID profile by completing quick sound preference and hearing tests
Step 3
Get your sound profile
Get your SoundID profile that is unique to your hearing and sound preferences
Step 4
Connect and enjoy
Experience the sound like never before

Hear the difference on your own devices

If you own a pair of our supported headphones, try out personalized sound with SoundID on Android phones, Mac or Windows computers.

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on Android

Enjoy perfected sound on most popular music apps on your Android devices.

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on Desktop

Enjoy perfected sound on all of your computer’s outgoing audio on your headphones.

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Our partners

Drop + THX Panda

Experience all of your outgoing audio on your Drop + THX Panda Wireless Headphones

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Gateway tablet

Personalize sound accross most popular music apps your Gateway tablet to match your unique hearing and preferences

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Monoprice M-TWE

Experience all of your outgoing audio on your Monolith by Monoprice True Wireless Earbuds

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