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Enhance your sound for gaming and music

Discover your perfect sound on CORSAIR HS65 WIRELESS with SoundID
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Improve all aspects of your audio

Rediscover your favorite gaming soundtracks with improved sound experience
Enjoy gaming with next level sound clarity
Binge-watch your new favorite Tv-show with sound tailored to your preferences
Stream music or video only with the highest quality of sound

Based on Technology Used by Gaming Audio Professionals

With SoundID the power of professional grade sound is only a few clicks away.
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Technology behind your favorite games

Used to create our favourite games like - Tribes of Midgard, Jurassic World: Evolution, Returnal and many more in over 140,000 sound recording studios.

Data-driven technology

Based on the largest research ever conducted on consumer sound preference.

Used by 55+ Grammy-Awarded engineers working with top artists

Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Madonna, Rihanna, The Killers, Adele, Coldplay and more are being recorded with our tech.

Sound calibration done right

Our software is used by gaming sound engineers worldwide.

Unlock the Power of Gaming Audio Personalization

Simple test to get to your perfect sound

SoundID optimizes outgoing audio on your CORSAIR HS65 WIRELESS headsets, including games, music and movie apps. SoundID is supported using iCUE software on Windows through the included USB adapter.

Tailor your unique sound preferences to your taste

How CORSAIR HS65 WIRELESS headsets sound when playing audio signal before and after optimization

After optimization

Personal sound in just a few clicks

You can access SoundID through CORSAIR iCUE desktop application. Discover perfect sound within minutes.
Step 1
Download iCUE
Make sure you have the latest version of CORSAIR iCUE software
Step 2
Complete a quick sound test
Pick what sounds better by selecting A or B.
Step 3
Get your SoundID profile
The sound of your headset will change according to your selected audio preferences
Step 4
Give it a try
Go and play your favorite game or listen to music with enhanced sound profile, adjusted to your preferences.

Experience personalized audio with SoundID

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Frequently asked questions

To create your SoundID profile simply launch the iCUE software and select the SoundID Personalization. Complete the Preference Test to enable your SoundID profile.

Currently, SoundID is available on the CORSAIR HS65 SURROUND and CORSAIR HS65 WIRELESS headsets.