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How different headphones sound when playing audio signal before calibration

Audio signal before calibration
Preference optimized

There's not a single one-size-fits all sound for everyone. Through our research, we have learned that different people prefer different sounds and at the moment most headphones are optimized to appeal to the average consumer, but hey, it shouldn't be that way.

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Hearing optimized
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Our hearing is different and it keeps changing. As you get older, you become less sensitive to high-pitched sounds. Speech becomes a bit less clear. Maybe urban living and noise pollution made your hearing non-symetrical – SoundID can optimize for that.

Differentiating Experience

Personalized sound is a differentiator. Three-level sound optimization maximizes listening experience to unprecedented quality.

Excellence In Sound

Partnership with Sonarworks means an instant upgrade to the performance and analytical abilities of your product.

Access to Big Data

The first user-centric approach to data-driven sound. Get valuable insights to increase your product value.

Original Studio Sound

The only market solution delivering personalization based on sound that artists hear in the studio.

Customer Tailored Feature

Increase your customer lifetime value by adding a unique integration-ready feature.

Seemless User Experience

Machine learning algorithms deliver personalized sound effortlessly.

Patented Audio Technology

Based on precision audio technology used by Grammy-Award winning music creators.

Multiple platforms & technology providers

Sonarworks' tech as the ability to deliver your sound preference to any set of headphones, home speakers or car audio system—so you can have the ultimate sound experience throughout your sound ecosystem. Today we're starting on headphones with speakers and cars soon to follow.
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Technology for Professionals
SoundID Reference

Ready-to-integrate speaker and headphone calibration technology delivering reliable reference sound across devices

Technology for Consumers

Ready-to-integrate audio personalization technology delivering individually perfected sound on all devices and platforms

Category Excellence in Sound for your products

Partnership with Sonarworks means an instant upgrade to the performance and analytical capabilities of your hardware.