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Backed by smart algorithms and big data, core tech approved by Grammy-Awarded sound engineers

Based on the largest research conducted on consumer sound preferences


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Grammy-Awarded engineers endorse our core tech


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Optimized for your headphones

All headphones sound different. With our patented measurement software we can establish a baseline sound that is the same across all headphones

How different headphones sound when playing audio signal before optimization

Optimized for your sound preferences

There's not a single one-size fits all sound for everyone. Through our research we have learned that different people prefer different sounds and at the moment most headphones are optimized to appeal to the average consumer, but hey, it shouldn't be that way.

Examples of different sound preferences

Tailored for your hearing

Our hearing is different and it keeps changing. As you get older, you become less sensitive to high-pitched sounds. Speech becomes a bit less clear. Maybe urban living and noise pollution made your hearing non-symetrical – SoundID can optimize for that.

How hearing differs across people

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Integrations on different
devices and platforms

Connect SoundID anywhere - to your favorite streaming service, car audio system, headphones and home speakers.