Maximize your listening experience with SoundID

Personalize your Monoprice M-TWE headphones to match your unique hearing and preferences
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Unlock the full potential
of your headphones

Rediscover your favorite music with sound personalized to your hearing.
Jump into a world of entertainment and experience always being one step ahead
Live a cinematic experience like never before suited to your hearing and sound preferences.
Experience unmatched audio clarity from any streaming service that's fine-tuned to your hearing and sound preferences.

Outstanding personalization
features for everyone

Upload and forget about it

Your unique sound profile will be uploaded and stored on your headphones. It will work on any device you connect your headphones to.

Optimized for your hearing and sound preferences

Everyone’s hearing is different, and it keeps changing. As you get older, you become less sensitive to high-pitched sounds, speech loses some clarity —SoundID optimizes for this.

Advanced Parametric EQ

With a very rich, yet intuitive Parametric EQ feature set unseen before on mobile devices, you get ultimate control over the sound you really want. Prepare yourself to hear the unexpected.

Sound Perfected for you

Tailor sound to match your personal taste and make fine-tuned adjustments for your hearing with a quick in-app test.
Step 1
Get SoundID app
Download the SoundID app from the App Store or Google Play.
Step 2
Complete a quick test
Create your SoundID profile by completing quick sound preference and hearing tests
Step 3
Get your sound profile
Get your SoundID profile that is unique to your sound preferences.
Step 4
Enjoy the sound
Immerse yourself in perfect sound like never before.

Frequently asked questions

You can download SoundID mobile app from Google Play and App Store.

Right now, you can experience SoundID with Monoprice M-TWE earbuds.

Sure! You can disable My SoundID Profile to get back the stock sound.

You can purchase Monoprice M-TWE earbuds here