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Experience SoundID on grell TWS/1 earbuds

The new generation of sound personalization available now.
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Maximize your listening
experience with SoundID

Rediscover your favorite music with sound personalized to your hearing.
Jump into a world of entertainment and experience always being one step ahead.
Live a cinematic experience like never before suited to your hearing and sound preferences.
Experience unmatched audio clarity from any streaming service that's fine-tuned to your hearing and sound preferences.

Based on World Renowned Sound Studio Technology

Based on professional music-producing reference standard, SoundID serves simple A/B tests to deliver sound profile based on listener’s individual preferences.
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Used by 55+ Grammy-Awarded engineers working with top artists

Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Madonna, Rihanna, The Killers, Adele, Coldplay and more are being recorded with our tech

Patented data-driven tech

Based on the largest research ever conducted on consumer sound preference.

Leading technology in recording studios

Used to record your favorite music, movies or games in over 140,000 sound recording studios globally.

Personalization done right

The only sound processing technology that's based on the original sound that artists heard in the studio.

Take Control of Your Listening Environment

Upload and forget about it

Your unique sound profile will be uploaded and stored on your headphones. It will work on any device you connect your headphones to.

Simple test to get to your perfect sound

SoundID optimizes all outgoing audio on your grell TWS/1 earbuds, including music, movie and gaming apps.

Advanced Parametric EQ

With a very rich, yet intuitive Parametric EQ feature set unseen before on mobile devices, you get ultimate control over the sound you really want.

Tailor your unique sound preferences to your taste

How different headphones sound when playing audio signal before and after optimization

After optimization

Setting it up is super simple

You can create your unique SoundID profile via simple test on SoundID mobile app. Discover perfect sound within minutes.
Step 1
Download SoundID mobile app
Download the SoundID app from the App Store or Google Play.
Step 2
Complete a quick test
Create your SoundID profile by completing a quick sound preference test.
Step 3
Get your sound profile
Get your SoundID profile that is unique to your sound preferences.
Step 4
Enjoy the sound
Immerse yourself in perfect sound like never before.

Enter a new Soundscape.
Defined by Axel Grell.

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Frequently asked questions

You can download SoundID mobile app from Google Play and App Store. Then create your SoundID Profile by completing the A/B preference test, enable My SoundID to upload your unique profile to grell TWS/1 earbuds. Enjoy sound with any content on any device connected to your earbuds.

Right now, you can experience SoundID with grell TWS/1 earbuds.

Sure! You can disable My SoundID Profile to get back the stock sound.

Before launching the SoundID app, please make sure your headphones are charged and you should pair them with the device in use. Once done, you can playback media to make sure each earbud transmits audio. Launch the SoundID app and you will be notified about the firmware update if you haven't done it, once completed, SoundID features will become available. For further information you can visit this page: SoundID enabled grell TWS/1 in-ear Headphones

Make sure you have connected the headphones to your device via Bluetooth before accessing SoundID. On iOS devices additional “Bluetooth pairing request” has to be allowed and on Android devices make sure to allow Location Services. For further troubleshooting steps visit this page: Firmware update process for DROP TWS1X and grell TWS/1