SoundID Enabled DROP + THX Panda Wireless Headphones

Unlock the full potential of your headphones with highly personalized, next generation audio technology.

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The World’s highest fidelity wireless headphones

Panda puts you closer to your music than ever before—wherever life takes you.

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Maximize your listening experience with SoundID

The SoundID app optimizes all of your DROP Panda's headphone audio.


Rediscover your favorite music. Hear all of the details with sound that is optimized for your hearing.

 Films and TV

Don't miss out on quiet dialogue, no more rewinding to hear the same thing twice. SoundID is optimized for your hearing.


Experience your favorite games with a new level of audio clarity – you won't believe your ears.

Outstanding personalization features for everyone

Make your headphones truly personal and customize sound with advanced and unmatched SoundID technology

Advanced Parametric EQ

with a very rich, yet intuitive Parametric EQ feature set unseen before on mobile devices, you get ultimate control over the sound you really want.

Neutral sound without coloration

SoundID removes unwanted sound coloration and delivers accurate reference audio that’s endorsed by music industry pros.

Easy in-app firmware updates

With SounID your Panda headphones will always stay up to date with latest technologies and improved performance. You won't have to worry about them becoming outdated anymore.

Effortless Personalization

Create your SoundID profile to match your personal taste and make fine-tuned adjustments for your hearing with a quick in-app test.

How to get SoundID on DROP Panda headphones

Start using SoundID to maximize your listening experience

Download and install initial Drop updater

With this updater you can easily get SoundID on your Drop headphones via computer.

You'll have to do it only once - future firmware updates will happen over the air via SoundID mobile app.

Customer testimonials

Hear from the selected few that have already tried SoundID on DROP + THX Panda wireless headphones

Very impressed.

"I am very impressed with the sound of these headphones. The possibility to get your SoundID profile and to set flat sound is amazing! The app is simple to use and offers great options to select a preset or go through an easy set-up process to discover your sound profile. Very innovative, I haven't seen anything like that in the market."


“This is huge guys! Never experienced sound like this! Congratulations!”

I fell in love.

"I fell in love with these headphones on the day they were announced to the market. But now with the SoundID feature - wow! Such a cool feature and a massive improvement."

Unique audio tool!

“Approach is different from similar apps but the effect is there."

Highly recommended!

“Quite possibly the best sounding wireless headphone on the market. And the SoundID feature definitely is a cherry on top - the app worked seamlessly with my headphones. Highly recommended!”

I rediscovered my music.

“For those looking for a great Bluetooth headphones, look no further. The comfort, price point and audio clarity is hard to beat. Especially after the SoundID is created - the difference is unbelievable - I rediscovered my whole music library! ”

Take your DROP + THX Panda wireless headphones to the next level