"Failed to load profile" error with headphone profiles

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Resolution date: June 13, 2022 - Release Notes


In this article, we will review a headphone calibration profile error, which can happen if the profiles have been transferred from one computer to another, or when the profile in use comes from an older version of the Reference software. 


Failed to load profile error

As mentioned above, the issue most likely is happening due to the profile transfer from a different machine, or the headphone profile has been downloaded some time ago with a different Reference software version than you have installed and/or using at the moment. To confirm and clear any confusion, the message does not imply, that the headphone model is no longer supported or cannot be used with Reference software. 



To resolve the issue, we recommend deleting the headphone profile you're trying to load and simply downloading the headphone profile one more time in the SoundID Reference app:

  1. Access the Sonarworks Projects folder 
  2. Delete the .swhp profile that failed to load
  3. Launch the SoundID Reference app and click on the 'Select your calibration profile'
  4. Select 'Add a new headphone profile'
  5. Select your headphone brand and model
  6. Confirm the selection by clicking the 'Yes, continue' button


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