SoundID Reference driver not running on M1 process

Known issue 
Resolution version: To be disclosed
Resolution date: To be disclosed

Note: This has not been fixed in the 5.3.1 release. Follow this article for updates. 


Native M1 support 

With our latest release, 5.3.0, we have introduced Native M1 support. We are, however, aware of an issue that it for some users is still being run on Intel process, via Rosetta. When installing the last update, users will therefore still be asked to install Rosetta too. Our developers are working on fixing this, with the highest priority. 


SoundID Reference plugin audio dropouts on M1 devices

We are also aware of audio dropouts and a high CPU utilization (spiking CPU) with the SoundID Reference plugin on M1 devices. For that, read more here: Audio dropouts and CPU spike with DAW plugin on Apple M1 devices [MAC] 



At the moment, our development team is working on the solution for the SoundID Reference standalone driver not running on M1 processes natively. We recommend to keep on using Rosetta. We encourage to follow this article for updates and further details on our progress. 


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