Audio dropouts and CPU spike with DAW plugin on Apple M-Series devices [MAC]

Issue resolved
Resolution version: 5.3.1 - download center
Resolution date: 13 Jun 2022 - release notes


Audio dropouts with the plugin on M-Series silicon

We are aware of an issue where some users experience audio dropouts and CPU spikes with our plugin (VST, VST3 & AU), on version 5.3.0. When the plugin is loaded in DAW on an M1 device, it causes the user to hear glitches and dropouts in the audio. It has been resolved within version 5.3.1. 



There are two available workarounds for this issue. Either Buffer size adjustment or reverting back to an earlier version. Read the instructions on both below. 


Buffer size adjustment

Adjust the buffer size in your DAW project and audio interface. We recommend increasing the buffer size value and observing which one works. 


Most DAWs should perform fine with a small buffer size (512) and a high sample rate (192). Cubase 12 users should have their SoundID Reference plugin either on Control Room or Stereo Out bus and adjust the buffer size of the audio interface to 2048 samples, while keeping the same rate to 192.


Revert to an earlier version

If the buffer size adjustment does not help or for mixing it is required to work with a certain buffer size another solution is to revert back to an earlier version of our software. Please uninstall the current version, before installing the legacy version. Follow the instructions on How to install / revert back to 5.2 legacy version


Reaching out to our support

If you require additional assistance you can reach out to support by submitting a support request. Make sure to include the below data points. 

  • M1 device type: (Macbook Air M1, Macbook Pro M1, Studio M1 Ultra, etc. - sending a screenshot of "About This Mac" will also suffice)
  • OS version: (12 Monterey, 11 Big Sur)
  • DAW/DAW version: (Ableton Live 11.x.x, Logic Pro 10.x.x, Studio One 5.x.x, etc.)
  • Audio interface: (Audient ID 14, Universal Audio Apollo Twin, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, etc.)
  • Sending over your log files. Locating the log files for SoundID Reference software

If you require additional assistance you can reach out to support by submitting a support request below.

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