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Getting started

Setup guide
Setting up with SoundID Reference on Headphones
All you need to know for using SoundID Reference with your headphones
Setting up with SoundID Reference on Speakers
Calibrate your speakers with SoundID Reference speaker measurement software
Setting up with the SoundID Reference standalone app
Apply calibrated sound to your entire computer audio
Setting up with the SoundID Reference DAW plugin
Apply calibration in DAW


Quick answers

Custom Target - fine-tune the target curve with a built-in parametric EQ

Translation Check - check your mix on different devices to see how their music translates outside the studio

For listening profiles - support for earbuds and in-ear headphones with 147+ new models

New Drivers - new WASAPI and ASIO drivers

VST3 support - VST3 plugin is now available for both Mac and Windows

Presets in SoundID Reference DAW plugin - create and save presets right in the SoundID Reference plugin

Configuration Flow - control your configuration from output to preset

L/R channel switch - swap channels to hear an audio track in a different way you're used to

Mono mode - switch from Stereo output to Mono output to make better decisions while mixing

Dark theme - now available in the plugin format too

Appearance sync - allows syncing the light/dark theme with OS setting

Responsive design - resize the app window size to your needs with a swing of a mouse

UI Zooming - adjust the magnification level of the UI elements

Compact View - simplify your GUI view

Zoom feature in SoundID Reference plugin - adjust the magnification level of the plugin window

New headphone selection wizard - revamped selection wizard with the option for models with multiple modes

Log-in based authorization and license management - create your SoundID Reference account to manage your license

Hints and tooltips - get to know the tool you're working with

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