SoundID supported playback platforms

Using SoundID 

SoundID is a mobile app that lets you create a personalized sound profile. You can playback your favorite music while on the go and the SoundID app will personalize your experience on your Android device. In addition, the created profile can be used for playback in the SoundID Listen Beta desktop app. We're also working on SoundID Enabled devices, please find out more here


Playback functionality - supported playback devices and services

SoundID Listen Beta

SoundID Listen Beta is an app for your Mac and PC with your SoundID profile connected to it. SoundID Listen enables all of your computer audio to be calibrated with personalization. All music and other audio sources (Youtube, Spotify, local music and video playback, gaming, etc.) are captured by SoundID Listen, which then applies your personalized sound for the entire computer audio stream.


SoundID Profile Creation mobile app is free for everyone to create their personalized sound profile.


Near future integration announcements

As we dive into what you can expect to happen in the future, imagine a world where the music you listen to, sounds exactly the same, and exactly the way you'd like it to, no matter where you go and where you decide to listen to it. That is why it's vital for us to expand our partnerships with other hardware and software companies in the industry.

Any sound system that allows for digital signal processing has the potential to support SoundID - from phones and computers to cars and TVs. Learn more about our future plans for SoundID here. Official announcements on supported playback services and platforms will follow throughout the year on our social media and other news channels.


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