SoundID personalization for most popular Android music apps

Music Apps feature is targeted to provide you with a personalized music playback experience on the go with SoundID.


New Feature

An overwhelming amount of support and feedback has been provided by you - our users - to have the ability to use the  SoundID signature experience on a mobile device when you're on the move. My SoundID feature has been created to allow SoundID to take over an audio broadcast thus enabling the personalization for that audio session. Supported applications can be found in this article - Apps that support SoundID.



Enabling Music Apps 

  • Select your headphones
  • Complete Preference Test (Core)
  • Enable My SoundID

How it works

  • Launch SoundID app
  • Launch a supported app and playback some music
  • Get notified if SoundID personalization is active (A notification will appear in the app drawer)






Feature Requirements

Mobile Devices under Android 9.0 and up are being required for this feature to work. Due to technical reasons, the option for this feature cannot be realized in previous Android versions.



Need assistance setting up your SoundID profile?

We have your back, please have a look at this article - Getting Started with SoundID


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