Supported Apps

Supported Apps by SoundID

If you're wondering what apps are officially supported by SoundID look no further as this article should provide you with all the necessary information. 


Spotify Deezer* YT Music**
Podcast Addict DI. FM Radio* Bubble UPnP
AIMP Shuttle Muzio
Power Amp* Oto Music* Musicolet*
PlayerPro* VLC* AppStar Music Player
VK Replaio Live Yandex Music
Apple Music Phonograph Audiomack
MueTube PRO BlackPlayer EX* MueTube Pro
Pi Music Player* Music Folder Player Radio Droid 2
Samsung Music Music Player - MP3 Player Nyx Music Player
Music Speed Changer Podcast Addict: Podcast player Retro Music Player
Gaana Hindi Song Music App


(Apps with * symbol require additional configuration (enabling 3rd party equalization app) YT Music** version 4.17.51 or newer)

If you're not sure how to enable the personalized SoundID experience, please visit our help article - SoundID personalization for most popular Android music apps. In addition, you can review and explore our SoundID enabled products.

If you're having any difficulties or want to submit an app for review, please do not hesitate to contact our support by submitting a ticket.