Sonarworks Reference 3 Systemwide allows track referencing and double checking without tonal coloration caused by headphones or speakers getting in the way. Now as a standalone product Reference 3 Systemwide has just become viable for users incapable of using plugins.

Reference 3 Systemwide is tailor made for modern day sound creatives looking to work from where inspiration takes them. Previously only usable with other Sonarworks installed, it now contains the necessary tech to work alone. For many users with no plug-in capable software it’s currently the easiest way to benefit from Sonarworks award-winning calibration.

After setup Systemwide sits effortlessly between OS audio and the selected audio device, built-in or otherwise. By employing a patent-pending measurement method, Sonarworks identifies flaws in headphones and speakers, then corrects them using advanced DSP. Better monitoring allows applying one’s producing or mixing talent with surgical precision. The result is music that works on any playback system and can be revealed to listeners faster.

Sonarworks also introduces 28 new headphone calibration profiles to its ever growing library. Some of the highlights are Bose QC25 and QC35 which are a frequent flyers favourite and Beyerdynamic DT1990 for those looking to dabble in the high end.