Sonarworks’ SoundID Reference correction software will now be integrated into industry awarded and highly acclaimed Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors.

We’re excited to announce we have partnered up with Wayne Jones Audio, a leading manufacturer of high-end studio monitors. Our calibration software SoundID Reference (the next-generation version of  Reference 4 software), will now be integrated into select Wayne Jones Audio Speakers to provide accurate sound creators can trust.

Jones-Scanlon studio monitors are designed and handmade in Australia by professional recording artist/producer Wayne Jones and world-renowned sound engineer Steve Scanlon, Australia’s #1 Live & Studio Engineer responsible for mixing The Chainsmokers, Yellowjackets, Avicii, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Deep Purple, and many more. The studio monitors deliver undeniably accurate, faultless frequency reproduction, with incredible depth, clarity & dimension. Now SoundID Reference calibration software will be integrated directly into select Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors giving users the ability to create their own calibration profile for their monitor setups to remove unwanted coloration and experience the most accurate studio reference sound for any studio or home environment.

With this partnership, creators will be able to upload and store their SoundID Reference room calibration measurement profiles directly to the Jones-Scanlon monitors. There’s no need to use the SoundID Reference app or DAW plugin – the calibration profile can be uploaded directly to the monitor so there is nothing in the chain to interfere with the signal. Creators will experience world-leading transient response, allowing hyper-accurate compression settings within the mix with accurate phase and time alignment and relentless frequency response at any listening level.

“Wayne Jones Audio produces some of the top studio monitors in the world and we are excited to have Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors as our first monitor integration,” said Martins Popelis, Co-Founder of Sonarworks. “Together, we’re raising the standard for high-quality sound and accuracy in music production and listening.”

Grammy Award-winning bassist and nominated producer, Andrè Bowman adds, “Jones-Scanlon & Sonarworks have taken DSP-based room calibration to an entirely new level…awesome work!”

SoundID Reference is now available on the Jones-Scanlon Reds, Baby Reds and Big Reds Studio Monitors, and can be purchased directly from the Wayne Jones Audio Shop and Vintage King.