Next generation personalized audio technology will now be integrated into grell audio’s Introductory Line of True Wireless Headphones with hi-res audio at a price that won’t break the bank.

San Francisco, December 15, 2021 – Sonarworks—the company behind precision audio software used by Grammy Award–winning engineers and recording artists like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Adele, Coldplay, and Kanye West—announces its partnership with grell audio, a new innovative brand of true wireless headphones founded by world-renowned German headphone engineer Axel Grell. Together, Sonarworks is integrating its SoundID personalized audio technology into the grell TWS/1. The brand’s first in-ear headphones deliver a high-quality, personalized listening experience to a new generation of digital-age audiophiles.

SoundID represents a paradigm shift in audio quality, moving away from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to personalizing sound throughout the journey from creators to the end listener. SoundID unlocks the full potential of your grell TWS/1 headphones so you can rediscover your favorite music with unprecedented audio clarity, exactly the way the artist intended it to sound in studio, then further personalized to your unique hearing ability and listening preferences. Your sound profile is as unique as your fingerprint—but even more advanced, thanks to smart algorithms and machine learning that evolve with you over time. The free profile can be set up in minutes with a simple app test to identify your SoundID and is automatically saved directly on your grell TWS/1 headphones. With SoundID’s Advanced Parametric EQ built-in, there are infinite ways to create your own custom preset or reset your frequency response curve to its flat state. Intuitive adjustments are tailored for even the most demanding audiophiles for an unmatched level of personalization, detail, and clarity.

“The SoundID + grell TWS/1 collaboration is much more than just an in-ear headphone with an App to personalise your sound,” said Grell Founder, Axel Grell.  “The personal sound profile, which anyone can create with the ingenious SoundID test algorithms, is uploaded to the internal sound processors of the TWS/1, and remains active regardless to which Bluetooth source the TWS/1 is connected to. When the TWS/1 is reconnected to the SoundID app, the sound profile can be changed or switched off again.”

grell has chosen SoundID for some important reasons. The sound tuning of the TWS/1 is made for the average ears geometry. But ear geometries are as individual as fingerprints and so are the frequency responses at the eardrums. With SoundID’s personalisation, the TWS/1 perfectly adapts to the individual ear and delivers the frequency response at the eardrum that matches perfectly with the high demands set by our listeners,” Grell continued. 

grell audio True Wireless Headphones deliver a high-quality, personalized listening experience designed for a new generation of digital-age audiophiles who crave crystal clear, transparent audio and a closer connection to their music. The grell TWS/1 features custom 10mm dynamic drivers, up to 28-hour of battery life and transducers with a tolerance of +/-1 db, along with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Noise Annoyance Reduction (NAR) technology to tune out the background noise wherever you are. Its true wireless industrial design exuberates the complexity and richness of the acoustic output, without sacrificing the comfortable fit.

Pricing & Availability

For those that can’t wait to get their hands on a pair of the grell audio TWS/1, an exclusive version, the Drop + grell audio TWS.01 featuring a sleek all black finish, is available on starting at $199. For U.S. customers, the exclusive headphones from Drop will also come equipped with additional blue wingtip options for a pop of color and the most comfortable fit.

The regular grell TWS/1 headphones come in space-grey and you can find more information about the product on

Discover more SoundID-enabled devices on our website.