With VoiceAI, the input material will determine the outcome. Let’s explore what input signals will produce the best results, and which ones might not.

What sources are best suited for processing

The following sources, provided they are recorded without delays and reverberation, are most suitable for processing:

  • Dry, unprocessed vocals
  • Instruments within the human vocal range, such as a guitar
  • Harmonically rich synthesizer patches
  • Beatboxing (for conversion to drums) 

What sources are less suitable for processing

The following types or characteristics of the input signal can negatively, or unpredictably, affect the processing results:

  • Extremely low (almost inaudible) signal level
  • Excessive reverberation and delay
  • Excessively raspy vocals
  • Polyphonic sources (choirs, instrument chords)
  • Distorted audio
  • Harmonically pure audio, such as sine waves
  • Extreme filtering, such as a high-frequency highpass filter
  • Extreme processing (modulation, formant modifications)

How to create backing vocals or double tracks

The best practice for creating backing vocals or double tracks is to record different takes for each backing vocal or double track, even if they share the same melody. Then process each track with VoiceAI presets. This is advisable because although the presets sound different, they use the intonation of the original audio on the track. Therefore, if you copy the original audio to multiple tracks and process it with different presets, there will be no natural timing and pitch differences between the tracks and the result can sound robotic.

Suggested workflow:

  1. Record a separate take for each double track or backing vocal.
  2. Apply the VoiceAI processing to each individual take.

How to get the best result for transforming voice into an instrument 

For transforming a voice into an instrument, try to mimic the melody, articulation, and intonation as close as possible to the instrument you intend to transform the voice into.

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