It takes guts to declare that a mix is finished—perfect—you wouldn’t change a thing! We all need to practice getting to that point in an efficient and determined manner, so here is a handy checklist to help keep you focused on finishing your next mix. Be sure to review our blog post on the elements of a great mix and also the post on how to finish a mix.

If you’re mixing a song for a client, the mix isn’t’ finished until they’ve given you their opinion, so the sooner you can get their feedback, the sooner you can finalize the mix! Before you send off the mix, listen back to it and go through the checklist that follows. I like to write down notes while I listen so I don’t stop to fix one issue at a time and lose my focus. When I can listen down twice in a row without taking any new notes, I know I’m done.

Mix Final Quick Checklist

  • Does the song’s feeling and mood fit the meaning of the song? 
  • Does the groove make you want to move as it should?
  • Does the chorus/hook feel bigger and more exciting than the verse?
  • Do you notice the new elements that happen in each section? 
  • Does the lead vocal/instrument feel special?
  • Can you understand the lyrics when listening at a very low volume?
  • Does the vocal or snare drum sound harsh at a very loud volume?
  • What happens when the singer is not singing? Between vocal phrases, can you feature another element?
  • Do your effects feel appropriate for the style/genre?
  • Is the low-end clear and deep enough to support the mix?
  • Is the high end too harsh or too dull?
  • Make sure the details like crash cymbals or other similar elements are heard but do not stick out too much.
  • Does the mix sound as loud and wide as it should?
  • Are there any clicks/pops/sloppy edits that you need to fix?