Sonarworks Revolutionizes Music Production with SoundID VoiceAI: A Groundbreaking Tool for Creativity

We’re excited to introduce SoundID VoiceAI, the first AI voice changer plugin for your DAW! 🎉 SoundID VoiceAI empowers you to explore the sonic possibilities of vocal recordings, instrumental melodies, and rhythmic ideas within your productions.

Conventional AI tools seek to replace human creativity, whereas SoundID VoiceAI works alongside the creator, enhancing existing musical projects and breathing life into the creators’ vision. Now, without leaving your DAW, you can effortlessly change your voice into that of another person. This enables you to instantly create powerful backing vocals, demo songs that closely match the desired vocal tone of the song, or overdub the voice of a commercial. All of this is possible with our 40+ studio-grade voice and instrument presets, with more on the way!

“At Sonarworks we’re passionate about building user-friendly products that make creators’ lives easier, while sounding so great they could be used to produce Grammy winning records. I believe that VoiceAI lives up to this standard and am very eager to hear feedback from the creator community” says Martins Popelis, the Co-founder and CPO of Sonarworks. 

Unlike typical plugins, the SoundID VoiceAI plugin’s voice processing demands significant CPU resources and operates on cloud servers. Therefore, tokens are necessary for each minute of audio processing. Recognizing the general aversion of creators to subscription plans, we’ve opted for a transparent pay-as-you-go payment model. Begin with a free 15-minute fully functional trial, then purchase the token package that suits your processing requirements, priced at $6.99 to $9.99 per hour of audio processed, and use it when you need it.

Experience the transformative power of VoiceAI firsthand — Start the trial now and embark on a journey of limitless creative possibilities.

To celebrate the official launch, we’re offering 36,000 free tokens, equivalent to ~60 minutes of audio processing for 7 days (instead of the regular trial: 9,000 tokens, equal to ~15 minutes). Extended free trial offer* valid until May 21.

*Trial must be activated by May 21, 2024, and tokens must be used within the 7-day period.

See what our early users say about the product:

Integrating AI processing into my workflow isn’t new to me, but having SoundID VoiceAI bring it directly into my DAW has been a game-changer. It allows me to experiment with new ideas much faster and hear the results in the context of the project I’m working on immediately.

‒ Jason | Early Beta Feedback

As a composer, I’ve significantly enhanced my process of sending demo songs to potential clients through the use of VoiceAI. By selecting voices that resemble the target performer’s, it genuinely aids in their decision-making process. The plugin is already invaluable, and I eagerly anticipate what future versions will bring. The Frederick preset is really something!”

‒ Daniel | Early Beta Feedback