Date of release: 11/06/2019


  • A new onboarding experience helping users to set up Systemwide properly.
  • On-demand headphone profile download speeds up set-up significantly and ensures that only necessary files are saved on users’ systems.
  • Users can now download profiles for their individually measured headphones directly in the app.
  • Menubar / tray menu that is both simplified and offers quicker access to essential features like changing Systemwide’s output device.
  • Dark theme for making the UI easier on the eyes for those of you working in the dark.
  • Improved virtual sound device performance and behavior.
  • Several minor improvements to make the UI more easily usable and informative.

Systemwide and Plugin

  • Mixed filter mode. An improved version of our previous ‘Optimum’ filter mode providing low latency with low phase distortion and much less noticeable pre-ringing artifacts. A great middle ground between the zero latency and linear phase modes!
  • Room measurement can now be launched directly from Systemwide as well as the DAW plugin.


  • The DAW plugin can now launch Reference Systemwide in cases where new headphone profiles must be downloaded to the system.