Reference 4.3.5 release notes

Date of release: 14/08/2019


  • [Win] Fixed a bug that caused playback engine failure when launching Systemwide.
  • [macOS] Fixed a bug that caused playback engine failure when selecting aggregate devices


  • [Win] Added support for Avid HDX devices
  • [macOS] Fixed a bug that prevented Measure from requesting Microphone access.

Reference 4.3.4 release notes


  • [MacOS] Fixed a bug that disabled the DSP if a full license and an expired HP edition trial are present
  • [Win] Fixed an issue that caused installation failure on Windows 8.1 due to driver signature

Reference 4.3.3 release notes

Date of release: 08/08/2019


  • Default output device take-over logic updated. Systemwide will stay the default system output device by default. When new system output device is selected, Systemwide will take-over and calibrate the new device. This can be disabled in Systemwide Settings -> Audio. When feature disabled, a new alert is implemented when system output device is changed. This too can be disabled from Systemwide Settings -> Notifications. For more info regarding this feature please see this article.
  • New alert when other apps take exclusive access to the audio device that is currently active in Systemwide. Alert can be disabled from the alert itself or by visiting Systemwide Settings -> Notifications
  • Alerts in dark theme have been updated with the dark theme colors as well
  • Latency menu expanded further, showing Internal Buffer, Internal Processing and Output Device latency
  • Test tones normalized between left and right channels
  • Added alert that informs user that the audio playback engine can’t be started and a new button in Systemwide Settings -> Audio t
  • hat restarts the engine
  • [Win] Added support for Windows 1903 update
  • [Win] Added support for multi-channel format devices (configured with more than 2 channels)
  • Peak indicators added for the level meters
  • Added a new view in the setup guide that prompts users to return to Systemwide after launching Measure
  • Log files older than 7 days are now automatically deleted on Systemwide launch
  • Removed the timer for “New device found” alert – now it will be open indefinitely, until the user acts on it. Alert can be disabled by using the checkbox in the alert itself or by visiting Systemwide Settings -> Notifications
  • Safe headroom now turns on by default when loading a profile in an empty state
  • Some scaling issues fixed for multiple display setups
  • Some missing hover states for buttons implemented
  • [OSX] Target curve switching performance updated
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug that caused Systemwide to close very slowly
  • [Win] Fixed a bug which caused Systemwide to misbehave when unsupported devices are connected. Problem was caused by devices that have a Mono Audio Channel setup in Windows Speaker Setup.
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug that caused HDMI and Thunderbolt devices to appear by their connection type instead of device name
  • [OSX] Fixed a random volume spike when launching on boot
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug regarding clock sources for some audio devices that caused audio artifacts
  • [OSX] Fixed volume logic in cases when switching to a device with a different sample rate
  • [OSX] Fixed a rare bug that crashed Systemwide when tray icon clicked
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when updating to 4.3 and migrating settings


  • When pressing “Add headphones” in Plugin, Systemwide is opened in the HP selection screen. Selected headphone profile is automatically loaded in the Plugin.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Reference license activation from Plugin in Avid Pro Tools


  • 3 new alerts implemented in the speaker distance measurement stage in the following cases:
    • Mono signal detected from speakers
    • User is standing at the wrong speaker or speakers are set up in reverse
    • No signal from left or right speaker
  • When Measure crashes a link to the log file is displayed, making it more convenient for the user to report the issue to Sonarworks support team
  • Fixed a bug during activation that caused incorrect email address processing if special characters included
  • Fixed a bug that allowed multiple instances of Measure to be opened when launching from Plugin or Systemwide
  • Fixed a bug that caused microphone calibration data to appear incorrectly

Reference 4.3.2

Date of release: 25/06/2019


  • Fixed the issue of clicks and pops on Windows.
  • OSX: fixed a bug that only played audio to the first channel pair for multichannel devices.
  • Windows: fixed the issue of installation files missing.
  • OSX: fixed the issue of System sample rate not synchronizing with Systemwide sample rate, causing deadlocks and loss of audio when changing settings in Audio MIDI Settings or when opening DAWs with different sample rates.
  • Fixed the issue of Systemwide freezing when trying to close the app.
  • Fixed a bug in “Test output” button which froze the Settings view.
  • Sliders improved – Dry/Wet slider, Gain slider and Bass Tilt/Boost sliders can be set to a precise value by dragging them, clicking on them or scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • Implemented a simple survey for new users.
  • New and improved alerts when attaching new devices and other warnings. OSX: users informed about Microphone Access before the system asks for the permission.
  • Small improvements in new user onboarding process.
  • Shortcuts implemented:
    • Alt+Left click on Systemwide icon in Menu Bar / Tray Menu turns calibration on/off
    • Spacebar turns calibration on/off when Systemwide UI is open
    • Ctrl+, (Win) or Command+, (OSX) opens Settings when Systemwide UI is open
    • Escape closes Settings or License information views
  • Notifications and tray icon context menu supports Unicode characters
  • Other minor improvements in design and functionality


  • Fixed a bug that crashed DAWs when Reference Plugin is in a project and the internet connection is lost.
  • When launching Systemwide from Plugin, Systemwide will appear in front

Reference 4.3.0

Date of release: 11/06/2019


  • A new onboarding experience helping users to set up Systemwide properly.
  • On-demand headphone profile download speeds up set-up significantly and ensures that only necessary files are saved on users’ systems.
  • Users can now download profiles for their individually measured headphones directly in the app.
  • Menubar / tray menu that is both simplified and offers quicker access to essential features like changing Systemwide’s output device.
  • Dark theme for making the UI easier on the eyes for those of you working in the dark.
  • Improved virtual sound device performance and behavior.
  • Several minor improvements to make the UI more easily usable and informative.

Systemwide and Plugin

  • Mixed filter mode. An improved version of our previous ‘Optimum’ filter mode providing low latency with low phase distortion and much less noticeable pre-ringing artifacts. A great middle ground between the zero latency and linear phase modes!
  • Room measurement can now be launched directly from Systemwide as well as the DAW plugin.


  • The DAW plugin can now launch Reference Systemwide in cases where new headphone profiles must be downloaded to the system.