No sound / audio output settings [MAC]

SoundID usually has a dramatic effect on your music playback that cannot be missed. If you can't hear any difference to the sound with SoundID enabled (or if there is no sound at all) that indicates a fault in the audio output settings. 

To give you a better idea of where the problem could be, here are the basics of how it works: SoundID is a virtual output device that is capturing all computer audio for calibration. Once the audio is processed, SoundID outputs the signal to your physical output device - usually, that would be your built-in headphone jack or a more advanced hardware unit (an audio interface or DAC device):



Essentially, there is an audio signal going into SoundID and signal going out of SoundID - input and output. So to solve the problem, we must make sure that both input and output are set up correctly.


Make sure that the audio signal is going into SoundID and isn't being blocked by Mac Permissions

  1. Go to Mac Preferences > Sound > Output and assign SoundID as your audio output device. This way all of your computer audio will be routed into SoundID. Additionally, have look at the Mute box and make sure that you haven't muted SoundID accidentally:_SD__MAC_-_Preferences_-_Sound_-_output_device_-_SoundID_.png
  2. Go to Mac Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and make sure that Sonarworks software isn't being blocked. If it shows as blocked, click on the 🔒 lock icon on the bottom left to make changes and approve:_SD__MAC_-_Security___Privacy_-_Gneral_-_Sonarworks_Blocked.png
  3. Go to Mac Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy and make sure that Microphone Access is granted for SoundID (Mic Access permission is necessary to create the virtual audio device and access audio stream). If it's not on the list, click on the 🔒 lock icon on the bottom left to make changes and grant access:_SD__Security___Privacy_-_Mic_Access.png

Test SoundID output to make sure you've set it up correctly

  1. Go to SoundID > Settings > General and set up your physical output device & channels. You'll have options to use your built-in output as well as any audio hardware devices you have connected to your Mac. Make sure the correct output channels are assigned for output. If you're not sure which is which, go through the list of available outputs to see if the audio signal is present in any of them: _SD__MAC_-_Drop-down_-_Settings.png_SD__MAC_-_Drop-down_-_Settings_-_General.png

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