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Youtube Music no longer working with SoundID

If you're an active Youtube Music app user this article should answer any questions you might have in relation to the YT Music app and SoundID support.

We know that the YT Music app is one of the popular user choices and with the Music Apps Beta feature released with SoundID 2.0.1 we wanted to include this app in our supported app list. With the latest SoundID version 2.0.9 we have received user reports that YT Music is no longer accessible with Music Apps Beta.


What has changed?

To confirm, the latest SoundID update did not introduce any issues. Quite the opposite, we are improving user experience, adding new features, and working on app fixes. However, with the latest YT Music update version 4.14.50 the app communication has been affected. We are looking into this, thank you very much for your patience. 


What can be done?

Our investigation shows that YT Music version 4.11.50 or older can be used with SoundID just as before. The communication between the apps is not affected and our users can enjoy both services. Unfortunately, there is no way to downgrade to a previous version via Google Play Store. Therefore, the only option would be to install the older version of YT Music. It's not a recommendation, but anyone willing to restore the access can download a previous YT Music version and install it.

IMPORTANT! Using an earlier version of YT Music is not a recommendation, however, anyone willing to restore the access can downgrade to an earlier version. This option is voluntary - essentially, you'll have to download and install at your own risk. If you're not sure, please ignore the instructions below and stay patient until YT playback support is restored by our development team.


How to install

You can download the APK file from a mobile device browser and/or desktop browser. Note that you will need to transfer the APK to your device in order to install it. Make sure you allow apps from third-party sources to be installed on your device and install the APK:


  1. Go to Settings on your phone and switch to the “general” tab, if needed.
  2. Tap on the “Security” option.
  3. Tick the checkbox next to the “Unknown Sources” option.
  4. Confirm the warning message by tapping on “OK”


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