SoundID Advanced Parametric EQ


Advanced Parametric EQ feature

Allows you to create custom sound presets using advanced yet intuitive SoundID technology. Save customizations just the way you want!


  • Make custom EQ adjustments
  • Save as many custom profiles as you want
  • Reset to flat, neutral sound


Make sure you're using the latest version of SoundID. If you're new feel free to use this guide - Getting started with SoundID. Veteran users, your profile will be synced and you're ready to go!





Parametric EQ customization

From My SoundID screen tap on your SoundID pattern. The pattern represents your sound profile and always changes when you get a new result. Tap on it and you will see a frequency response curve for your current sound profile.


  • Tap Customize (middle-right position)
  • You should see your SoundID Tests profile and SoundID Presets available
  • Tap Create custom preset to make it your way





Main adjustment screen

Your custom preset editing starts with your existing SoundID Preference Test result. That sound curve can be adjusted in multiple ways to create a manual preset of your desire. You can:


  • add up to 10 EQ points
  • For each point adjust separately frequency, gain, Q, and filter type parameters
  • Use the Demo player to hear the adjustments


Once done, tap on Save as custom if you wish to rename the Custom preference, tap on three vertical dots to access additional options, and tap Rename




Continue to tweak your presets

Once you've created custom presets, you can always return to create new or edit existing ones.


  • Tap on the preset you wish to edit and select the Edit preset option
  • From the EQ customization screen tap on three vertical dots to access more options (located at the left from your preference name)


Additional options allow you to discard, rename, reset to original preference, reset to flat, cancel.





Flat (SR reference)

For anyone looking to apply FLAT preset only, now the option is only a few taps away:


  • Tap on the pattern
  • Tap Customize
  • Select Flat (SR reference)
  • Tap the back arrow (top-left corner) to return to My SoundID  





If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support crew by submitting a ticket!