Getting Started with SoundID

If you're new to SoundID - our consumer product, this article will guide you through the initial steps and outline some of the features to maximize your SoundID experience. 


Getting Started

The SoundID app can be downloaded from both Google Play and App Store. The Android version of the SoundID app can be used to listen to your favorite music streaming apps while you're on the go, whereas the iOS version of the SoundID app can be used with Enabled Devices only.





Just like with any other app you can register an account with us which allows the SoundID profile to be synced with the SoundID Listen Beta software, or continue as a guest by skipping the registration process. The SoundID supports Facebook, Google, and Apple logins or you can create a Sonarworks Account by selecting to continue with Email. All set? Great! To customize your visual experience, the SoundID app will offer to pick your theme color, please select an appealing color to proceed.









Selecting your headphones

The SoundID app will show our four enabled products to select from. Anyone who has purchased these specific headphones with SoundID integration should tap on their headphone model and proceed with on-screen instructions on how to connect the headphones to the SoundID app.



* If you own a 1MORE product with SoundID integration make sure to use the 1MORE Music app as the integration was not made in the SoundID app. 



For all the other supported headphone brands and models, tap 'Other headphones' to proceed. The SoundID app supports over 250+ headphone models, please look up your headphone brand and model, then confirm the selection. In case your model was not released yet, this should not block your user experience with the SoundID app. Tap on the 'Use unsupported' button at the bottom of the screen to select one of our generic profiles. Since the brand/model you've been looking for was not found, you can submit a model request from in-app. 










The SoundID experience

Once you have selected and confirmed your headphones, you're ready to discover the SoundID experience. The main app view (screen) will have three tabs available: My SoundID, Devices, and Account. The most important one is the 'My SoundID' tab where you can:


  • Take a Preference Test 
  • Add a Hearing Test on top of the Preference Test
  • Select Studio Reference (flat) as your Active profile
  • Custom EQ


All of these features will enhance your listening experience based on your liking or app AI understanding your preferences in sound.


We highly recommend trying out the Preference Test, so the app can create a SoundID profile based on your choices. Later on, you can either switch to a different Active profile or adjust and improve the Preference Test profile.



The 'Devices' tab allows you to benefit from: 


  • Active profile - Change your active profile to any other SoundID preset you've created, the change will take place immediately
  • Headphones - Add new headphones, delete the headphones you've added to the list
  • Enabled Devices - if you're using an Enabled Device, you enable/disable the SoundID profile. By disabling the profile the sound will return to stock
  • Supported Apps - A list of music apps that can be used in pair with the SoundID app
  • Troubleshooting - redirect to our help and support center



The 'Account' tab will provide access to:


  • Account details - change your user name, gender, DOB, email, and other account-related options
  • About - see your SoundID version, Device ID, check our privacy policy, Terms of service, and more
  • Support - contact our Support Team if you need any assistance
  • Receive email updates - opt-in/out from our newsletter







SoundID Listen Beta

As mentioned before, users can try the SoundID Listen Beta software, to request software access simply submit a support request below. Log in with the same profile used in the mobile app, and your SoundID profile will be synced. All you need to do is connect your headphones to your computer and enjoy the calibrated sound. The calibration experience is system-wide which means any content you're listening to, watching, or even gaming will be calibrated. 

SoundID Listen Beta is no longer available for public download from our website. The software can 
be obtained for access by submitting a support request to our team below.



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