Getting Started with SoundID

If you're new to SoundID and SoundID Listen you have come to the right place! This quick guide is targeted to help jump-start your experience with SoundID. Let's get started!



Optional Login

With SoundID version 4.3.1, we have released the Optional Login feature which allows you to skip the registration and proceed with creating your SoundID Experience.









Registration and login

Login with Facebook, Google, or Apple account, otherwise you can register an account with us, continue with Email and input your details for account registration. 










SoundID profile

Choose your profile accent color and make it yours.

  • Tap on your favorite color to continue








Selecting your Headphones

We have added a library of supported headphones for you to pick from. Currently, we support up to 400+ headphones and the list is growing! SoundID also supports wired and wireless profiles with/out ANC. Make sure to choose the correct one to proceed with. Last but not least, you will be presented with a frequency response curve to see how your specific headphone model sound (Choosing a similar model is not advised)

  • Look up your headphone by brand/model through the search or by scrolling down for more results. You can also type in the manufacturer into the search box and choose the appropriate result shown on your screen. 
  • Once selected you will see an image of the headset, please continue to confirm.


Can't see your headphones on the list? You can continue with our Generic Profiles instead.



Preference Test

This feature allows you to control and choose the sound you desire to be heard. With Preference Test you're in control of the lows, mids, and highs. The test will provide you with a sample track choice as a reference and put you in control over the listening experience. Once done, you will be presented with a graph representing your personal sound preference. If needed, you can always go back and experiment a little more.

  • Move the slider to the A/B position to choose the sound you prefer and tap Start Test to begin
  • Chose one of the tracks provided
  • Tap the slider to compare A/B 
  • Once completed you will see a visual representation of your results




Hearing Test

We have created a series of tests for you to undertake in order to help you get the most out of sound. You will hear a number of different tones during the test sequences, which will determine if a specific frequency needs to be adjusted as you cannot hear it. The Hearing Test will be done for both left and right ears and stereo image in order to provide you with an accurate gain boost if needed. We have tried to make sure you are getting a personalized experience, therefore, falsifying the results is not recommended. 

  •  Tap on Get Started to begin
  •  Select your Date of birth, gender, and tap on Next
  •  Make sure your headphones are connected tap on Select Headphones and confirm by tapping Continue
  •  Once the test is completed you will be shown detailed results in relation to your hearing

IMPORTANT! Be aware, that the test is not a medical diagnosis



Profile Reset

If you ever need to start anew, you can reset your profile and it will erase preference and hearing test results. Once reset you can start over fresh! 

  • Tap Account
  • Select Account details
  • Scroll down to Reset SoundID
  • Accept by tapping Yes, reset SoundID!





Now that you're all set and it's time to enjoy SoundID. Please download and install SoundID Listen Beta on your computer and log in with the same credentials previously used with the SoundID app. SoundID Listen Beta will synchronize your profile and you're ready to listen to your favorite tracks, watch some shows or play games!