Apps that do not support SoundID

Apps that do not support SoundID

Some of the apps will not work with SoundID because of how the applications were developed. This article will provide you with a list of apps we're aware of and other scenarios, where an app was not listed or reviewed.


Tidal YouTube Netflix
Pandora Soundcloud Qobuz
Plexamp Foobar 2000 Bandcamp
Amazon Music SoundCloud Resso Music


How come my app does not support SoundID?

We are sorry to hear that your app does not support SoundID at the moment as we tried to cover all the popular music app choices. Depending on how the music app was developed if it broadcasts the active audio session to Android OS, then SoundID can take over that broadcast and provide the end-user with a personalized experience. With this in mind, not all of the music apps broadcast their audio session, support equalization, and/or have been developed using the same architecture. 


Will the supported/unsupported list grow?

Indeed! We have not tested every app out there and it may be that the app you're using right now can work with the SoundID app. Eventually, we will add more apps to the list, but for now, we are sharing the most popular music app choices.


Will my SoundID profile work with other apps such as video streaming or games?

That solely depends on how the app has been designed and developed. If the app in question has been primarily developed for music listening, but can also support video footage there is a chance that SoundID will provide you with personalized audio while you're watching a video. However, if the service has been solely developed as a video streaming app, then most likely it won't be supported. The same applies to games. Games are being developed with their own audio processing engine, therefore, most likely that SoundID won't be able to process the audio to provide you with a personalized sound experience. We are looking to improve upon this in the future! If you have found an app, that works with SoundID Music Apps Beta, but it was not listed, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support by submitting a ticket.


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