Loading your SoundID profile in SoundID Listen Beta

How does it work?

Once you have created your personalized profile using the SoundID mobile app you will be able to use it in the SoundID Listen Beta desktop app. To do so, simply log into SoundID Listen using the same account you created earlier on the mobile app (or use one of the social logins in both apps).


How does the profile apply to different headphone models?

Once logged in, your personal sound profile will be loaded automatically and you will be able to apply it to any of the headphone models available in our directory. The software will tailor the audio so that your listening experience would remain independent of the headphone model you have at hand.


Enabling SoundID in other supported playback platforms

Connecting your SoundID profile to other music playback services and devices can differ depending on the given playback platform. It will usually be as simple as enabling SoundID in the given playback platform. For specifics and detailed instructions on loading your SoundID profile in other music playback software, please refer to the respective articles in our Knowledge Base or submit a support ticket for more information. 

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